Direct Debit Policy (Continuing Students Only)

  1. Deposit or full payment is to be made along with an online enrolment form to confirm enrolment.
  2. All monies (including deposits) are non-refundable once payment has been made. Where applicable, credit vouchers will be issued to the value of all payments mad, less any dishonour and/or administration fees.
  3. Direct Debit payment options will incur a small setup fee and transaction fee from the Direct Debit Provider for using this service.
  4. If you enrol using our direct debit flexible payment plan, no certificates will be issued until payment has been completed or paid in full.
  5. If payment is rejected under a direct debit payment plan due to insufficient funds in your account, the Direct Debit Provider reserves the right to deduct an additional dishonour fee from your account. Your elearning access may also be suspended if your payments are dishonoured.
  6. Australian Online Courses reserves the right to cancel your enrolment and withhold your Certificate/Statement of Attainment if regular payments are not made as per the direct debit agreement.
  7. Failure to pay any outstanding amount may result in an unpaid listing on your Credit file.
  8. If you are unable to complete the course in the dates specified, then you must apply for a course extension via our website prior to your completion date. Payment of fees do not guarantee competency will be achieved.
  9. In the case of a payment plan arrangement, payments are conducted over a weekly/fortnightly time frame via direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card. It is the account holders responsibility to check with their financial institution to confirm that direct debits can be made from their account.
  10. Deposit: A minimum deposit is payable per course and is due and payable before elearning access is provided.

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