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Stress Management


Course Outline and Topics

Course Overview

High levels of stress can jeopardise your emotional and physical wellbeing, making it difficult to think clearly. The ability to manage stress in the workplace will help you to navigate high-pressure situations and optimise your performance.

The Stress Management Program is an online professional development course that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and coping strategies to control and manage stress.

In this online stress management course, you will gain an understanding of the many aspects of stress, how it can affect your mind and body, practical ways to manage stress, dealing with stressed colleagues and overcoming barriers that make change difficult.

You will learn to identify situations that trigger stress and to take action in high-pressure situations. You will also discover the ABC Model to manage your reactions to stress and challenge irrational thoughts.

On completion of this course, you will feel confident to manage stress to perform at your peak under pressure, and ultimately achieve a healthy compromise between work and life.

Course Structure

Unit 1 - Stress Management

  • Learning to cope with pressure
  • Managing stress and pressure
  • How stress affects you emotionally and physically
  • Pressure triggers in the workplace
  • The symptoms of stress
  • Managing personal reactions to stress
  • Changing perceptions to reduce stress
  • Taking action in high-pressure situations
  • Overcoming over analysis and overconfidence
  • How different work-style types deal with pressure
  • Dealing with stressed colleagues

Unit 2 - Staying balanced in a shifting world

  • Achieving a healthy work/life balance
  • Focusing on what is important
  • Techniques for managing stress
  • The benefits of simplifying your life
  • Make changes to simplify your life
  • Passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours
  • Your behavioural style affects your life balance
  • Communicating assertively
  • Setting your limits
  • Reframing situations to maintain balance

Unit 3 - Take a deep breath and manage your stress

  • Recognising the toll stress takes on your health
  • Adding too much to your to-do list
  • Key concepts about stress
  • Beyond just a feeling – what is stress
  • The signs of burnout
  • Tips to better cope with stress
  • Adopting mindfulness techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • The ABC model – steps used to control steps
  • Using the ABC model to manage stress

Unit 4 - Taking stock of your work/life balance

  • Common symptoms of an out-of-balance life
  • The benefits that come from being in balance
  • How is your work/life balance?
  • Achieving a healthy balance
  • Balancing demands between work and private life
  • Internal and external obstacles
  • Reaching the right balance
  • The barriers that make change difficult
  • Overcoming external obstacles
  • Techniques used to effectively balance life


Assessment Information

When you study with Australian Online Courses, you will be assessed using a competency-based training method.

Competency-based training focuses on the achievement of skills and knowledge against set criteria to ensure your competency is industry relevant. You will not be benchmarked against other students.

If you do not achieve a competency result on your first attempt, you have two more attempts to pass your assessment. So, you have three attempts in total to obtain a competency result.

In this way, you can complete your course in your own time and at your own pace with the assistance of unlimited tutor support.

In this course, you will be assessed via multiple-choice questions to determine your mastery of details and specific knowledge gained during your studies to achieve a ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ result.

Benefits of Multiple-Choice Assessments

  • Appropriate for assessing students’ mastery of details and specific knowledge.
  • Can be used to assess both simple knowledge and complex concepts.
  • Questions can be answered quickly to accurately assess a students’ mastery of many topics relatively quickly.
  • Assessment can be quickly and reliably scored to achieve a ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ result.
  • As the answers are visible, multiple-choice questions offer the opportunity for the continuation of the learning process, offering educational value.


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Payment Information

Certificate Course



  • Professional development that is widely recognised and respected;
  • Improve your employment opportunities;
  • Study online, anywhere via our elearning system;
  • High-quality professional development programs written by industry experts;
  • No entry requirements;
  • All course materials provided online – no textbooks to buy;
  • Unlimited tutor support;
  • Easy to understand course content;
  • 12 months’ access. Free extensions may be available upon application.
  • Certificate of Attainment/Completion issued for your CV (hard copy provided); and
  • Course may be tax deductible; see your tax advisor.

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Personal and professional development to manage your stress

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