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Improve Your English Grammar


Course Outline and Topics

Course Overview

We all use language in some form and we combine words to effectively communicate with others, both in the written and spoken forms. A solid understanding of English grammar will provide you with skills to use written and verbal communication more confidently.

This online course will help to improve the way you communicate in English, by strengthening your grammar and punctuation and introducing you to concepts of style and purpose; how your writing can and should change to ensure your meaning is clear in any context.

We rely on punctuation and grammar to enhance the way that our words are received by others and to reduce misunderstandings.

This professional development course can help Native English speakers to improve their grammar, punctuation and control of language elements, particularly in written communication. Please note that for speakers of English as a second language this course is not suitable.

Improve Your English Grammar will provide skills necessary for success in academic, professional and general written communication and verbal usage in social settings.

Course Structure

Unit – Improve your English grammar

  • The Components of Language
  • Where do words come from
  • Structure of words
  • Prefix and suffix examples
  • Clauses
  • Types of words
  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Verbs and adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections
  • Plurals
  • Punctuation
  • Upper and lower case
  • Abbreviations, numbers and bullet points
  • Numbers in words
  • Using words together
  • Sentences / phrases
  • Shakespearean phrases
  • Independent clauses
  • Dependant clauses
  • Simple and compound sentences
  • Complex sentences
  • Paragraphs and referencing
  • Forms and types of languages
  • Trouble shooting
  • Narrative


Written assignments and exercises, including short-answer questions, reports/essays and projects. There are no examinations or due dates for assessment.


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