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Computer Hardware and System Troubleshooting Program


Course Outline and Topics

Course Overview

As companies continue to update their hardware, software and network systems, they will increasingly require the services of experienced and knowledgeable employees to perform maintenance, troubleshooting and customer service roles.

The Computer Hardware and System Troubleshooting Program is an online professional development program that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to manage the maintenance of hardware, computer systems and repair.

This online computer hardware and system program will also teach you how to implement components of systems backup, restore, security and licensing in a stand-alone or client-server environment.

This professional development program will also take you through maintenance and fault repair and teach you how to modify and connect system hardware components according to client and user requirements.

On completion of this program you will feel confident in your ability to provide computer systems and service troubleshooting support for an organisation.

Course Structure

Unit 1 - Provide basic system administration

  • Security access
  • Client access and clearance levels
  • Computer / network user account
  • Passwords
  • Security and documentation
  • Computer use agreement
  • Software licences
  • Software register
  • Check for illegal software
  • Add or remove programs
  • System backup schedules
  • Back up types
  • Label and store backups
  • Backup register
  • Restore system backup
  • Restore procedures
  • Automatic backups
  • Record completed restore
  • Security access controls
  • Document security access
  • Access control matrix
  • Security access register
  • Security auditing

Unit 2 - Provide ICT advice to clients

  • Equipment procedures
  • Maintenance procedures
  • On-site maintenance
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Operating system maintenance
  • Internal or outsourced maintenance
  • Moving equipment
  • Reporting problems
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • 4 levels of technical support
  • Warranty
  • Assess and diagnose problem
  • Test faulty equipment
  • Run error checking
  • Device manager
  • Systems information reports
  • Obtain necessary components
  • Arrange repair or replacement
  • WHS standards
  • Reinstalling software
  • Maintain asset register
  • Future maintenance schedules

Unit 3 - Care for computer hardware

  • Installation of computer hardware
  • maintenance of computer hardware
  • Safe work practices
  • Work health & safety (WHS)
  • Risk management
  • Determine requirements
  • Safe work practices
  • Manufacturer’s instructions
  • Suitable environmental conditions
  • System protection devices
  • Hardware requirements
  • Storage principles
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Updating hardware / software
  • Quality standards
  • Determine business requirements
  • Warranty

Unit 4 - Maintain equipment and software

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Internal maintenance schedule
  • Diagnose and repair faults
  • Assess and diagnose problem
  • Test faulty equipment
  • Run error checking
  • Device manager
  • Systems information reports
  • Obtain necessary components
  • Arrange repair or replacement
  • WHS standards
  • Maintain asset register
  • Future maintenance schedules

Unit 5 - Connect internal hardware components

  • Internal hardware components
  • Easily replaced parts
  • Determine components required
  • Technical specifications of parts
  • Obtain approval
  • Order and obtain parts
  • Installation plan
  • Install and configure components
  • GANTT chart
  • Test for error-free performance
  • Overclocking
  • Document installation process
  • Asset register
  • Client feedback forms
  • Correct identified shortcomings


Written assignments and exercises, including short-answer questions, reports/essays and projects. There are no examinations or due dates for assessment.


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  • Certificate of Attainment/Completion issued for your CV (hard copy provided); and
  • Course may be tax deductible; see your tax advisor.
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