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Franchise Business Program


Course Outline and Topics

Course Overview

Owning a franchise business is an exciting prospect, but it can also be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with this business model. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s involved in the purchase, management and transfer of a franchise business.

The Franchise Business Program is an online professional development program that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to establish a franchise from the initial research phase through to finalising a franchising agreement with the franchisor and opening the franchise for business.

This online franchise business program will help you successfully operate a franchise operation, manage relationships with franchisees and franchisors and help you to comply with obligations set out in the franchising agreement.

You will also learn how to successfully navigate relevant legislative requirements specific to the type of franchise you operate and to undertake the closure or transfer of a franchise.

On completion of this program, you will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully manage the often-complex process of franchise purchase and management.

Course Structure

Unit 1 - Manage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements

  • Franchising agreement
  • Fees and structures
  • Financial controls
  • Branding requirements
  • Insurance
  • Merchandising requirements
  • Legislative requirements
  • Strategies for compliance
  • Compliance requirements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Training support

Unit 2 - Manage relationship with franchisor

  • Establishing franchisor relationship
  • Communication schedule
  • Training, visits and meetings
  • Franchise advisory council (FAC)
  • Services available from franchisor
  • Business operations
  • Currency of information
  • Financial obligations
  • Strategies and procedures
  • Ongoing management of franchise
  • Identifying and resolving disputes
  • Franchising code of conduct (FCC)
  • Negotiating disputes

Unit 3 - Work within a franchise

  • Working within a franchise
  • Determine roles, responsibilities
  • Policy and procedures
  • Evaluate skills and training needs
  • Induction and mentoring
  • Compliance requirements
  • Consultation and negotiation
  • Work plans, goals and audits
  • Stock take
  • Deliveries and stock rotation
  • Problem solving and communication
  • Review franchise operations
  • Timeframes and planning
  • Performance reviews
  • Improvements of work practices

Unit 4 - Manage a franchise operation

  • Managing a franchise operation
  • The franchise agreement
  • Legal obligations
  • Reporting requirements
  • Franchise procedures
  • Operations manual
  • Training and support
  • Identifying non-compliance
  • Field visits
  • Monitoring reports
  • Audits and inspections
  • Resolving disputes
  • Fees and charges
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Termination of franchise agreement
  • Reviewing a franchise operation
  • Reviewing financial health
  • Expanding franchise operation

Unit 5 - Establish a franchise

  • Establishing a franchise
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Viability and business records
  • Business territory
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Franchisee obligations
  • Site selection
  • Business plan
  • The market
  • Develop business plan
  • Legal advisor
  • Existing franchisees views
  • Market analysis
  • Determine skills required
  • Formal qualifications
  • Business management
  • Permits
  • Dangerous goods
  • Health and safety
  • Business name registration
  • Business licensing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Incentives
  • Opening for business

Unit 6 - Manage closure of a franchise

  • Managing a franchise operation
  • The franchise agreement
  • Legal obligations
  • Compliance requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Training and support
  • Identifying non-compliance
  • Reports from franchisee
  • Audits and inspections
  • Resolving disputes and mediation
  • Fees and charges
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Termination of franchise agreement
  • Reviewing a franchise operation
  • Monitoring processes
  • Financial improvements
  • Expanding franchise operation

Unit 7 - Manage relationships with franchisees

  • Establishing a franchisee council
  • Franchise agreements
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Meetings and communication
  • Customer service
  • Quality assurance and training
  • Facilitating services
  • Marketing
  • Customer complaints
  • Terminating franchise agreement
  • Providing accurate advice
  • Follow-up training
  • Monitoring management relationships
  • Strategies, practices and reviews


Written assignments and exercises, including short-answer questions, reports/essays and projects. There are no examinations or due dates for assessment.


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