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Introduction to Sociology


Course Outline and Topics

Course Overview

Sociology has practical applications for many industries and occupations. The study of society and human behaviour is particularly important for organisations and managers to respond to customer and employee needs and problems.

The Introduction to Sociology is an online professional development course that will introduce you to the sociological perspective and the way sociologists approach and study the social world. You will explore major theoretical perspectives and concepts including socialisation, culture, deviance, inequality, social change and social structure. You will also discover the influence of social class and social institutions, such as churches, education, healthcare, government, economy and environment.

On completion of this sociology course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the major theoretical perspectives and concepts of sociology and how they impact individuals, groups and organisations.

Course Structure

Unit: Sociology

  • Introducing sociology
  • Founders of sociology
  • Sociological perspectives
  • Culture and society
  • Cultural diversity
  • Types of societies
  • Socialisation
  • Child development
  • Adult development
  • Social groups
  • Bureaucracy
  • Theories of crime and deviance
  • Social stratification
  • Social mobility
  • Theories of poverty
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Gender identity
  • Economic systems
  • Political systems
  • Theories of education
  • Sociology and religion
  • Sociology and health
  • Population and demographics
  • Mass media and society
  • Social change


Written assignments and exercises, including short-answer questions, reports/essays and projects. There are no examinations or due dates for assessment.


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  • No entry requirements;
  • All course materials provided online – no textbooks to buy;
  • Unlimited tutor support;
  • Easy to understand course content;
  • 12 months’ access. Free extensions may be available upon application.
  • Certificate of Attainment/Completion issued for your CV (hard copy provided); and
  • Course may be tax deductible; see your tax advisor.

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  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Research Analyst
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