Graduate Careers Package

Australian Online Courses - Graduate Careers PackageWhen you study with Australian Online Courses you give yourself the best chance of finding a career you love.

That’s because our online courses are developed in consultation with industry experts. It’s because you’re a person to us. Our tutors and administrative staff know you by name and are available seven days a week to answer any questions you have about coursework or simply to offer advice.

As a further commitment to your success, we now also offer a Graduate Careers Package that’s free to all students. That’s because we care what happens after you graduate. We want you to succeed.

If you haven’t yet signed up for this essential package contact us today and fast-track your future career.

The Graduate Careers Package will help you:

  • Decide your own career goals (deciding where you want to head in your career)
  • Work out what you need to learn to achieve your career goals
  • Identify the skills and knowledge you already have
  • Recognise things that might get in the way of you achieving your career goals and learning ways to work around them
  • Identify the way you like to learn and recognise there are a number of different ways to learn
  • Put together a simple personal learning plan
  • Ask others for help to identify your skills and plan your career
  • Keep an eye on your progress toward reaching your learning goals
  • Identify job and training options
  • Identify a range of ways to look for work
  • Work out the skills you already have that will help you get work
  • Identify your preferred job/s and the skills and knowledge needed to do them
  • Match your own skills to your preferred jobs
  • Work out what you need to learn to get your preferred job and how you can go about learning it
  • Put together a simple job-seeking plan
  • Write a resume
  • Keep an eye on your progress towards getting a job

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