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Our Online Psychology Courses Provide Valuable Career Insight

If you’re considering a career in mental health, you may be curious about what it’s like to be a psychologist. Whether you’re just starting out or are making a career change, psychology involves extensive study, which is a significant time and financial commitment. So, it’s important to be sure it’s the right choice before you

Considering a Career in Mental Health? 

If you’ve been considering a career in the mental health industry, you might be wondering what it’s like and if you’d be a good fit.  The mental health field is diverse, encompassing professions from less senior positions such as a Community Services Workers to more senior roles such as Psychiatrists.  Depending on your area of

Strong Case for Woman in Logistics (Despite Gender Bias).

Women can work in any role within the logistics industry and the opportunities are vast. However, gender bias needs to be overcome to encourage more women into this fast-moving, exciting career. In an attempt to diversify their workforce, many logistics companies offer incentives to attract and retain women, but there are barriers to entry into

Child Protection – Let’s Make It Everyone’s Business.

It’s Child Protection Week and the theme this year focuses on child development to promote positive communication with parents and caregivers. The aim of Child Protection Week is to engage the community in supporting families and protecting children. Child protection is everyone’s business, so education is vital to all professions that work with children and their

4 Reasons to Upskill, 5 Ways to Do It.

Staying relevant in an increasingly digital world means upskilling is the new normal for those who want to remain at the forefront of their industry and progress their career. So, what is upskilling, and what’s the best way to achieve learning goals? We spoke to a human resource (HR) professional to find out.   What

Experts Share: Workplace Communication Hacks

Communication is a powerhouse that keeps any organisation moving forward toward business objectives. A lack of effective communication, whether between teams, leaders or employees will bring a business to a halt. Career Coach Catherine Phan says effective workplace communication is a combination of understanding yourself and that of your co-workers. “Communication starts with self-awareness and