benefits of quick online short courses

What are the Benefits of Short Online Courses?

A university degree is often perceived to be the gold standard…
Blog child psychology

Certificate of Child Psychology – New Course!

Child psychology is concerned with how children grow and develop…
Certificate of Advanced Freelance Writing

How to Keep Your Business Goals in 2020

It’s almost the end of January, a time when the New Year’s…
Australian Online Courses - Blog

Overcoming Business Challenges With Big Data – New Course! 

The era of big data is well and truly here! Did you surf the…
Certificate of Marketing Management

Excel 2019 For Windows – New Course!

Microsoft is one of the most ubiquitous companies in the world…
Australian Online Courses - Blog

Powerful Presentations – New Course

Finally, a presentation course that helps you to master your…
Australian Online Courses - Blog

Talent Management Program – New Course

Did you know that before the development of Human Resources Management,…
Australian Online Courses - Blog

Boosting Productivity at Work for Success

Boosting productivity at work doesn’t mean working harder or…
Mindfulness for Career Success

Mindfulness for Career Success – New Course

Mindfulness in the workplace is a hot topic that’s becoming…
Six sigma new course blog

Certificate of Six Sigma – Yellow, Green and Black – New Course! 

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques for process improvement…
Stress management

Stress Management Program – New Course!

Did you know that one in five Australians has taken time off…

Prince2® Certification Program – New Course! 

Project management is vital to business, as it ensures controls…
Strategic Thinking for Success

Strategic Thinking For Success – New Course! 

Strategic Thinking for Success will equip you with the skills…
Adobe Indesign blog

Adobe InDesign Program – New Course! 

The world’s leading desktop publishing and typesetting software,…
Agile Project Management blog

Certificate of Agile Project Management – New Course!

The economy, technology and the political landscape are changing…

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