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Carers – Why We Care, And How to Support Us

It’s National Carers Week, so we’re putting the spotlight on those who selflessly care for others, often with no support. Carers often find themselves in a caring role not by choice, but by chance or circumstance, most commonly because a family member or friend has a significant physical or mental health challenge.  It is therefore

8 Tips for Interviewers to Find a Perfect Candidate

If you’re a manager or business owner responsible for hiring staff you’re probably looking for interview tips to make your job a little easier. If you’re new to the role of hiring manager, you’re probably more familiar with being on the receiving end of interview questions. And while being interviewed is undoubtedly nerve-wracking, you might

Leadership Training – Learn How to Lead with Confidence

Are you a team leader, or do you hope to become one? You might wonder about the leadership training and personal attributes you’ll need to be a successful team leader. So, we asked Leadership Consultant Marie-Claire Ross to enlighten us. This is what Ms Ross had to say while reflecting on her experience leading teams,

7 Unlawful Interview Questions (And How to Respond if Asked)

Interviews are a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times. But if you’re asked one of these unlawful interview questions, it’s important to know how to respond. Principal Lawyer Trent Hancock of McDonald Murholme says you should never be asked unlawful interview questions in an interview.  If you do happen to find yourself in this uncomfortable

Mediation Training. Why Counselling is Crucial

If you’re considering a career as a mediator, one of the most important skills you need to be successful is counselling. Many careers, from nursing to teaching, benefit from counselling skills, but if you work as a mediator, your counselling skills can make or break your career.  That’s why counselling ability in combination with mediation training and

Why study small business management courses online?

Whether you’re a new start-up or have been in business for years, upskilling is important to grow your revenue and diversify your income streams. You may have never undertaken formal study, and your business remains profitable. However, it’s better to enrol in a few relevant small business management courses online, as these will provide a