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5 Tips on Becoming a Successful Mentor (And Why It’s Life-Changing).

If you’ve been considering becoming a mentor, you should think about what you want to get out of the relationship, because mentoring is not about managing, it’s about guiding, according to Gayle Fitzpatrick, a mentor with Raise Foundation. “It’s not about giving the answers, it’s about empowering the mentee to come to their own conclusions.

8 Reasons Why Managers Should Study Human Behaviour

Few managers would argue that employee behaviour and motivation play a vital role in increasing an organisation’s productivity. But how many have the skills to understand and positively motivate their employees? According to Principal Organisational Psychologist Cheryl Adams, of Think Trek Consulting, there are many reasons managers should study human behaviour, plus an important rule

Study Business Analysis to Make Better Business Decisions

Whether you’re thinking about pursuing a career as a business analyst or simply want to make better business decisions, business analyst training is ideal professional development. If you’re a business owner or manager, a business analyst course can help you make more informed business decisions that lead to competitive advantage.   What is Business Analysis?