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10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve your writing, whether you’re an aspiring novelist, business writer or blogger, you’re sure to be inspired by these ten tips. Read, Read, Read! Reading other peoples’ writing is one of the best ways to improve yours. If it’s blogs you aspire to write, subscribe to blogs of […]

5 Ways Creativity is Good for Your Brain

When was the last time you were creative? Whether it’s writing, baking, gardening, painting or playing music – creative pursuits are therapy for your mind. Here are five reasons you need to tap into your creative side.   Reduces Stress A study in published in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, found […]

8 Bizarre Careers You’ll Want to Share

These careers prove that thinking outside the box is a great way to explore unconventional job opportunities. Voice Actor Toby Ricketts has been behind a microphone for over two thirds of his life. He works in four different accents to provide wworld-classvoiceovers for clients worldwide. Working out of a custom designed sound-proof cedar cabin in […]

Have Expertise? Become A Consultant.

Could there be a lucrative career in consulting in your future? If you have expert knowledge or a specific skill that is valued by businesses or individuals it’s possible. Start by identifying your niche, research necessary licenses, set business goals and consider a professional development course in business consulting. Consultants are generally independent contractors who […]

6 Careers That Are Good For You

We spend a third of our lives working, so it makes sense to choose a career that makes us healthier and happier. That said, almost half of Australians are dissatisfied with their jobs. So, if you’re ready for a change, take a look at six careers that improve physical or emotional wellbeing.   FITNESS INSTRUCTOR […]

7 Ways to Land That Entry-Level Job

You’ll need a competitive edge to start your career according to a new report by Anglicare. Across Australia, there are now an average of 4.8 jobseekers for every entry-level job advertised (ABC News report). So how can graduates and new jobseekers give themselves the best chance of success? Australian Online Courses spoke to Darleen Barton, […]