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Are You Prepared to Lead? Study Business Management Courses.

If your career needs a boost, business management courses are the perfect way to propel you up the career ladder further and faster – no matter your industry or profession. So, whether you want to gain a fresh perspective, promotion or pay rise, business management courses are an ideal way to achieve your goals. And

New Course: Introduction to Contract Law

Introduction to Contact law is an online professional development program that will provide you with a foundation understanding of contract law and the knowledge to analyse and evaluate contractual issues. In this online contract law course, you will discover the nature and meaning of contract, assess sources of legal information and assess the significance of

New Course: Introduction to Company Law

Introduction to Company Law is an online professional development program that will give you the knowledge and skills to understand how the legal system affects the way companies operate. In this company law course, you will also gain an understanding of the crucial principles that govern company laws, how to prepare documentation to create a

10th Birthday Special Offer Extravaganza.

Our week-long 10th Birthday Special Offer Extravaganza starts on Monday the 25th of March and will run until Friday the 29th of March.   So, if you’ve been considering studying now is the perfect time to enrol.   Massive Monday Offer! 25th of March 20% off upfront payments!   Lucky Tuesday Offer! 26th of March Enrol today,

What is Your Vocation (And Should it be Your Career)?

What is Your Vocation (And Should it be Your Career)? The dictionary defines vocation as a strong feeling of suitability for a career or occupation. But vocation also comes from Latin – a calling, to be called. Author Elizabeth Gilbert told Business Chicks: “A vocation is a divine invitation. A vocation is the voice of