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22 Of the Best Apps for Students

Today, most people are never without their Smartphones. They’ve become essential to daily life, so why not use yours to get the most out of your studies? But do study apps help? According to Associate Lecturer and the founder of Student Success Australia, Sarah Kuhne, they do.


 “Students tell me they find apps to be most useful for staying on task and not procrastinating when they know they should be studying. It’s the number one complaint based on a recent survey I did of Australian students”, she says.


 Like to know more? Here are our picks for the best apps for students.


Scheduling Apps 

 Egenda pretty much acts as your personal homework assistant. It allows you to manage all of your projects, tests and assignments in the one place and provides reminders for due dates. You can also add notes to your files and sort them by the deadline. 


iStudiez Pro is a scheduling app that works much the same way. However, its real strength is its interface, which can switch between to-do lists and calendar modes so that you can see when everything’s due simultaneously. Todait is another excellent time manager app – it tells you how much study you should be doing each day and provides feedback on your study habits. 


Study Apps 

Flashcards are a great study buddy and ideal for those looking to make the most of their study time. Quizlet can help you prepare for exams, and you can tailor them to the particular course you’re studying. Flashcards are similar and also lets you access millions of other pre-made flashcard decks that have been created by other students. 

For something a little more animated, check out Tinycards. Not necessarily the most serious of flashcards, they’re great fun if you need a break from the books!


Note Taking Apps

 The perfect tool for taking and storing notes, Evernote will ensure you never lose track of an important checklist, to-do list or piece of information. This award-winning note-taking app is one of the best apps for study out there and will also sync across all your devices, including your phone, tablet or computer.


If you come across something you want to read later, check out Pocket. It allows you to browse photos, read articles and view videos whenever you need, and Goodreader is excellent for handling large documents and making notes when you’re reading through potential references.


Tool-based Apps

 Referencing is one of the most important aspects of assignment writing and EndNote is a research management tool that helps you organise, search and share research and create bibliographies. 


Plagiarism (the practice of taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own) is also something that definitely should be avoided when doing assignments. Dupli Checker checks for plagiarism as well as things like spelling, punctuation and grammar.


If you’re doing a maths or science-based course and need an app that focuses on formulas and stats, check out WolframAlpha, and to turn your phone into a powerful graphic calculator, download Quick Graph.


Apps for Focus 

Do you find it challenging to remain focused when studying? Then Forest is the app for you. It works by planting a seed, and the longer the app stays open, the more your individual tree will grow. If you succeed on the focus front, it will eventually spread out and become a forest. If you close the app, your forest will start to wither (sad face), so it’s great for motivation and lessening phone addiction! 


Focus Keeper is another app great for helping to maintain concentration. Based on the ‘Pomodoro method’ of study, it splits your focus time into 25-minute sections, which are broken up by short breaks. This makes study more achievable and increases discipline. It also allows you to set goals and time your study if that works for you! 


Apps for Learning

A fantastic app that allows you to view courses and lectures from universities around the world, ITunes U is a great resource for furthering your understanding of your courses. Another popular app for learning is TED, which features short videos from thought leaders sharing insights on a range of fascinating disciplines. 

The Khan Academy features more than 10,000 videos on a range of topics from maths and science to economics and history. Memrise is next-generation mobile learning that enables you to learn phrases and words from a host of different languages via games, videos and chatbots. And Curiosity will give you a daily dose of articles, videos and infographics to keep your brain sharp and help you to learn quicker!


Apps for Fun

When you need a little downtime from study but still want to remain alert, why not try the role-playing Habitica app? Improve your character by completing challenges that you set up yourself – including those that are study-based to keep you motivated.


And for the perfect soundtrack to complement those long hours of study, check out Atmosphere. You simply choose the sounds you like and create your favourite combo based on whether you need to concentrate or relieve stress. This app also includes binaural beats and isochronic tones that can help stimulate your mind and improve creativity.