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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program – New Course

There are born leaders, but with the right (growth) mindset, anyone can improve or develop their ability to influence, impact and instigate change – all crucial attributes of a dynamic leader.

Whether you’re an aspiring leader, a recently appointed leader or simply want to develop leadership skills, the Leadership Development Program is the perfect professional development opportunity for you. 


Learning Outcomes: 

In the Leadership Development Program, you will gain the skills required to build and lead teams, mitigate team dysfunction, implement cultural change, make and execute business decisions, and develop an executive presence.

In this comprehensive leadership development program, you will gain key competencies and skills in networking, change management, virtual team management, accountability and ethics, conflict resolution and building and managing a culturally diverse workplace.

You will discover how to communicate effectively as a leader, lead effective workplace relationships, and lead team effectiveness. You will also learn how to develop and use mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and gender equality to lead with influence.

On completion of this leadership development program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to build and lead successful teams by enhancing your management and leadership capabilities.


Be a Leader, Not a Boss! 

The online Leadership Development Program will show you how to develop your leadership skills to lead in any industry with confidence.

Are you wondering what makes a great leader? Safe Work Australia defines leadership as people who influence the attitudes and behaviours of others, either formally or personally. 

There are leaders at all levels of an organisation, from the board of directors and senior executives, through to middle management and front-line supervisors.


McCrindle defines an effective leader as someone who can communicate rationally, connect relationally, manage practically and lead directionally and strategically. Effective leaders demonstrate not just IQ but EQ – they share knowledge and information yet understand emotion and connection.


McCrindle Research study surveyed over 580 Australian on their desired leadership styles and the characteristic values they would like to see in their ideal leader.


Unsurprisingly, competence ranked as the highest priority. But, Australians also value leaders driven towards outcomes and objectives, with ambitious being the second-ranked ideal leadership value. Broad-mindedness came in third, with Australians eager to work with leaders who are open to new ideas, innovation and change. Caring was fourth, with a desire for empathy at work, and last (but certainly not least), cooperation made the list with Australian workers valuing the importance of teamwork.


Top 5 Leadership Qualities 

  1. Competent 
  2. Ambitious 
  3. Broad-minded
  4. Caring
  5. Cooperative 


Are You a Leader in Waiting? 

Well, what are you waiting for? Enrol in the Leadership Development Program and prepare to lead today. 

Simply visit us online for more information on this leadership development program, or contact one of our friendly Learning Consultants on 1300 762 221 or via Live Chat.