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Certificate of Ethical Hacking – Available Now

According to The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018, cyber threats to data integrity are a rising concern in business. In fact, around 30% of businesses have reported the loss or damage of internal records as a result of a security incident – and less than half have introduced key processes for managing cyber risk. This suggests that the need for skilled IT workers who can identify vulnerabilities is also on the rise. 

The Certificate of Ethical Hacking is an online professional development course that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required in an IT, auditing or site administration role, in order to improve an organisation’s internet and system security across a variety of sectors. 


Learning Outcomes

In this ethical hacking course, you will be immersed in an environment that will help you evaluate both the logical and physical security aspects of IT systems in terms of detecting vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You will learn to use the same skills and knowledge as a malicious hacker (a ‘black hat’) but lawfully and legitimately (as an ‘ethical hacker’ or ‘white hat’). 

Building on your strong networking and programming skills, in this online IT course you will learn how to collect a wide range of data to detect vulnerabilities, undertake penetration testing and adopt the behaviours of a black hacker to attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities. You also learn how to resolve issues, either in a test setting before systems go live or in a real-world environment with fully operational networks and systems.

You will also acquire an understanding of network and cyber threats, gain an insight into hackers’ motives, and learn how to detect intrusion, fix system vulnerabilities and deflect attacks. 

On completion of this course, you will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to safeguard systems and networks to protect your identity and fight back against cyber criminals.


This Couse is Ideal for:

  • Penetration Testers seeking further knowledge
  • Security Professionals
  • Network Administrators


Why Become an Ethical Hacker?

  • The threat landscape is becoming increasingly hostile, and ‘threat actors’ are becoming smarter and launching more aggressive and sophisticated system attacks. Companies are struggling to defend themselves effectively, and this trend will only increase as the business environment becomes more digitalised.
  • With an IT career in this discipline, you will have the ability to think and act like a ‘black hat’ and learning their practices and methodologies will enable you to become attuned to their logic and help you be one step ahead.
  • As an information security professional, you will have full control and visibility of your organisation’s systems, to adequately protect and safeguard against data breaches. 
  • This is a globally recognised and sought-after credential that will demonstrate your high level of skill and competency as a pen tester or ethical hacker. 


A Day in The Life Of … 

As a qualified ethical hacker, day-to-day you could be working on internal or external penetration tests either on-site or remotely. You could be working in a ‘red’ team, which in a computer security context, is a group of white hat hackers that attack a digital infrastructure to test your organisation’s defences. This would involve simulating attacks on businesses and testing how equipped they are to deal with cyber-attacks. 

It could also involve working in a team creating simulations. So, for example, sending out phishing simulations where a sample of employees is selected, and a phishing email is sent to them to see how they respond. This will allow you to monitor for clicks and see if employees are downloading malware and therefore picking up infections. You would then make suggestions on how to improve an organisation’s security measures.


Stay tuned for further information on this exciting new professional development course and start dates – to be released soon!