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Leadership role

Leadership Training – Learn How to Lead with Confidence

Are you a team leader, or do you hope to become one?

You might wonder about the leadership training and personal attributes you’ll need to be a successful team leader.

So, we asked Leadership Consultant Marie-Claire Ross to enlighten us.

This is what Ms Ross had to say while reflecting on her experience leading teams, and on her current profession – which involves building trust in teams.

“A great team leader can empower their team to do their best work in service of a shared goal.

“They remove roadblocks, bottlenecks and provide their team with timely resources to get work done.

“They are focused on serving customers, rather than serving their own needs and ensuring their team has the freedom and autonomy to deliver.”


Leadership Training – Skills for Success

So, how do you become this great leader? Leadership training?

“Being a successful team leader is not just about knowing how to do the technical work.

“It involves knowing how to do the soft stuff – being a better team player and learning how to manage people better.

“This requires having foundational skills in knowing how to build trust with those around you.

“People need to be able to rely on you know that you will make good on your promises.”


Any Type of Leadership Role is a Gift

Team leaders have the opportunity to create the type of thriving environment they always wanted when they had a terrible boss, said Ms Ross.

“Supporting people in doing their best work, not only improves productivity for the organisation but improves people’s well-being.

“A great team leader can improve people’s mental health by linking the impact and value of work employees are doing that boosts fulfilment and satisfaction.”


Leadership is a Challenge

When asked about the challenges of leadership, Ms Ross says it always comes down to the people.

“People problems are always difficult to manage.

“This can be balancing the needs and demands of leaders above you while ensuring that you meet the demands of your own team.

“Being stuck in the middle can be tricky terrain to navigate through. Either way, it involves having the skills to build trust with those above, below and sideways to achieve maximum results.”


Helping Others Achieve Goals

Leadership Program Director Sonia McDonald said a great team leader is someone who knows how to help their team members be their best.

“They understand their role is to inspire them to dream more, be more and learn more.

“It’s someone who shows kindness, courage, integrity and leadership daily, and they are aligned to their values and leadership.”


Leadership Training – What’s Required?

A successful leader needs leadership training and coaching in many areas.

“Team leaders need leadership training and skills, and coaching in the areas of self-awareness, EQ, communication, courage, team development, motivating others and having courageous conversations.”


Playing a Part in Others’ Success

Nothing beats the feeling of sharing in the success of others, said Ms McDonald.

“The best part of being a team leader is seeing the growth, success and achievements of your team and knowing you have played a role in that success.

“In turn, having the courage and kindness to help others become better and realise their potential too.”


Are you interested in gaining leadership training to become a successful team leader?

If so, consider our Team Leader Preparation Program.


Team Leader Preparation Program

In this Team Leader Preparation Program, you’ll develop leadership training to achieve professional development goals.

You will gain the knowledge and skills required to be an effective workplace leader.

You’ll learn about:

  • How successful leaders work, from managing and motivating staff to confidently communicating to achieve business outcomes.
  • Communication models, law and ethics, resource management, and planning tools that will enhance your performance as a leader.
  • Effective frontline management, conflict resolution and recruitment and induction strategies to develop and support teams.

On completion of this program, you will feel confident to successfully lead and manage a team for an organisation using proven management and leadership strategies.

If you’re looking for a more advanced leadership training program consider the Advanced Leadership Program.


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