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Our Online Psychology Courses Provide Valuable Career Insight

If you’re considering a career in mental health, you may be curious about what it’s like to be a psychologist.

Whether you’re just starting out or are making a career change, psychology involves extensive study, which is a significant time and financial commitment. So, it’s important to be sure it’s the right choice before you dive in.

There are many short online psychology courses that provide insight into this diverse field, including forensic psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, organisational psychology and sports psychology.

Online psychology courses provide the theory, skills and knowledge required in this occupation, but the most valuable insight comes from those already working in the industry.

So, we spoke to a psychologist to find out what it’s like to work in this fascinating field.


What’s it Like to Be a Psychologist?

Psychologist and Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, Lisa Johnson, uses evidence-based psychology practices to help individuals, couples, families and organisations with health enhancements.

“I have a therapy dog in my private practice that assists with creating a warm, caring and relaxed environment. She is also invaluable when I am supporting children and teens through anxiety and emotional regulation.”

A focus on nutritional health and physical wellbeing are an essential part of Ms Johnson’s therapy.

“They are fundamental health aspects that contribute significantly to someone’s wellbeing, and often they are neglected.

“I’m passionate about enhancing the health, productivity and happiness within workplaces. I often see clients with work stress, anxiety and depression that impacts their work, relationships and family life.”


Why Did You Become a Psychologist? 

It wasn’t a clear-cut career path for Ms Johnson, who worked as a remedial massage therapist, yoga teacher and complementary medicine practitioner before she embarked on a career in psychology.

“I had my struggles with learning difficulties, self-worth and confidence, but I had a deep need to contribute something positive in people’s lives, especially by holistically addressing their lifestyle.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the mind, human behaviours, emotions, social connections, diversity, social justice and people sense of purpose and belonging.

“I wanted to help a broader range of people with their health and wellbeing and psychology was a good option.

“I knew I could offer something more unique because of my passion for holistic, preventative and practice approaches rather than crisis support,” says Ms Johnson.


What Do You Love About Your Job?

“It’s a privilege to be able to support people through their vulnerability and to be trusted to explore with them about their private thoughts and often painful experiences.

“Together, we can understand their cognitions and behaviours more deeply and equip them to be able to make better choices to support health enhancement and happiness.

“Everyone is unique in their experiences and interpretations about themselves and life events. I love being able to support people to work through key events, challenges and vulnerabilities.”


What’s Challenging in Mental Health? 

The juggle of running a business and maintaining health, family and lifestyle goals is challenging, explains Ms Johnson.

It’s also difficult to work through the stigma around mental health and to have organisations adopt a wellbeing focus, instead of being crisis and risk reduction driven, says Ms Johnson.

“It’s challenging when clients wait until they’ve hit the wall emotionally and physically instead of using preventative strategies to enhance their health before a crisis.”


What’s Your Advice for People Considering Psychology as a Career? 

The biggest asset you have is your health and wellbeing, explained Ms Johnson, as psychology can be taxing, confronting, triggering and draining.

  • Practice self-care, get to know yourself and work through your stresses and health goals. Take holidays and time out often.
  • Gain support, professional supervision and extra training often.
  • Look after the needs of yourself, your loved ones, friends and family.
  • Work in your areas of competencies, skills set and passions and refer to other health professionals often. We don’t own any client or their health goals, and often it’s a team approach which will produce the best outcomes.


Considering a Career Change?

If you’re thinking about changing careers, you’re not alone. More than one million Australians change jobs every year and more than half move to a different industry or career1.

So, if you’ve been curious about a career in psychology, take a look at the online psychology courses with Australian Online Courses. They offer a foundation knowledge that can set the course for a new direction in your career.


Online Psychology Courses

Introductory online psychology courses are an ideal way to discover if you’re interested in pursuing further study.

There are many areas in psychology to consider. If you’re unsure which direction to take, why not try them all? These short, online psychology courses are designed to provide an overview of the profession to give you insight into which field is of most interest to you.


Introduction to Psychology

Certificate of Criminology and Forensic Psychology

Certificate of Health Psychology

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Introduction to Educational Psychology

Introduction to Occupational and Organisational Psychology

Introduction to Sport Psychology


Australian Online Courses

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