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physiotherapy assistance careers

Physiotherapy Assistant – The Perfect Job for You?

One of the most rewarding jobs in the allied health field is that of a physiotherapy assistant. As a physiotherapy assistant you will take a hands-on approach in supporting a physiotherapist to improve the quality of life of clients through mobility and exercise programs.


What is a Physiotherapy Assistant?

A physiotherapy assistant is an allied health role specialising in physical therapy. Physiotherapy assistants support physiotherapists to help patients to achieve physical health and wellbeing through carrying out daily duties.

A physiotherapy assistant works directly under the supervision and guidance of a qualified physiotherapist and contributes to the smooth operation of a physiotherapy clinic or department.


What Are the Duties of a Physiotherapy Assistant?

  • Mobilising patients
  • Setting up exercise equipment
  • Demonstrating how to use mobility aides
  • Preparing patients for treatment
  • Assisting administration and supervision of exercise programs
  • Assisting with treatment
  • Monitoring and ordering stock
  • Administrative duties (writing reports and updating patient records)
  • Cleaning and tiding of therapy areas


What Qualities Are Important as a Physiotherapy Assistant?

  • Effective time management
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Literacy skills and Microsoft Office knowledge
  • Physical fitness
  • Willing to work alone and in a team
  • Calm and understanding disposition
  • Organisation


Where do Physiotherapy Assistants Work?

As a physiotherapy assistant there are many potential workplaces, including private physiotherapy clinics, nursing homes and hospital departments.

A physiotherapy assistant could work in the following areas:

  • Private clinics
  • Outpatients’ departments
  • Women’s health
  • Paediatrics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Stork services
  • Aged care
  • Sports and fitness facilities

In addition to working with physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants will also work alongside other health care professionals such as occupational therapists, nurses, orthopaedic surgeons and prosthetists.


Salary Expectations of a Physiotherapy Assistant

The experience gained as a physiotherapy assistant will affect salary.

The national average salary in Australia is AU$48,000 as reported by PayScale.


Working Conditions of a Physiotherapy Assistant

Physiotherapy assistants work in a variety of settings, but this job generally takes place indoors, though some exercise programs may be conducted outdoors.

The role of a physiotherapy assistant requires lifting, and most of the work requires the physiotherapy assistant to be on their feet and mobile to assist in moving and setting up equipment.


What are the Benefits of this Career?

  • Career growth
  • Flexible work hours
  • Variety of work
  • Strong future growth
  • Rewarding work


What is the Outlook for Physiotherapy Assistant Jobs?

The job outlook for a physiotherapy assistant is good with strong future growth in Australia.

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