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How to Start a Business and Work Full-Time

You don’t need to give up your day job to start your own business.

We’re not saying it’s easy; in fact, it will make you time-poor and will break your bank account and heart if you let it.

You’ll have less time to trawl Netflix.

You’ll feel stressed at times, and will lose sleep over it.

You’ll have less time with your friends.

So, why would you start your own small business while continuing to work full-time?

There are many reasons: you can’t afford to quit your day job, you love your day job, you only want a side business, you want to test the water before you dive in head first and you have a passion for the business.

Perhaps the most important reason you’d do this crazy thing is that you have a passion for a side business and it just won’t leave you alone.

We spoke to two people who manage a full-time business and started a successful side business.

Here’s what they said about making their business dream a reality.


Corrections Officer and Life Coach

This passion is the best reason to start a business even when you must commit most of your time to your current job.

It was a passion that led Carly Evans to start her business as a life coach while working full-time as a corrections officer.

Her ability to juggle her side business while still being present in her a full-time job is made possible by squeezing tasks into any spare blocks of time.

“I write my blogs and newsletters while on the train to work. I coach clients before and after work and teach Reiki on Saturdays.

“I also use time spent waiting in queues to create quote images for social media and use Post Planner to schedule all my social media.


Charity Fundraiser and Gallery Owner

Elle-May Michael started her side business In.cube8r and kept working full-time in charity fundraising to service her small business loan.

“I run a gallery in Fitzroy, where I manage a space filled with 107 Melbourne artists who rent cubes and exhibit their work and keep 100 per cent of their sales.

“I couldn’t survive without my day job as the loan takes up all the business profit each month.

“Always remember that your business is your priority. If you plan on doing it full-time eventually and living off that income, you need to invest in its success.

Michael says it’s okay to have a full-time job and a side business, and that it’s important to embrace opportunities that a permanent job offers, such as courses and learning, and to spend your annual leave on your business – and yourself!

“Always schedule days off, even if you don’t end up taking them. Sometimes you need to step away to be able to reflect.”

It’s important not to rely on income from your business, said Michael, instead invest this profit back into the business, keeping your full-time earnings for living expenses and day-to-day costs.

It’s also wise to choose the staff for your side-business wisely.

“If you have staff, make sure they can work autonomously, so you’re not always working in your business.”


Bring Your Side Business to Life

If you’d like to start a side business, small business courses online are a great way to educate yourself while not infringing on a full-time job.

The benefit of taking a small business course online is the flexibility to study and take assessments when you have free time.


Certificate of Small Business – Start-Up

Certificate of Small Business Management


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