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9 Industry Expert Tips on Restaurant Management

Have you ever been to a restaurant that seems to operate seamlessly?  If so, it’s a good indication that an effective restaurant manager is at the helm – a position that requires juggling many complex processes.

We asked Tim Lepoutre, restaurant manager at Bistro Mosman, to give us his top tips on how to be a highly efficient and effective restaurant manager.

Here’s what he had to say.


  1. Positive Attitude: working in a restaurant can have its hard times, but by keeping a smile on your face, even when issues arise, you will be infectious and win every customer and staff member over.


  1. Lead by Example: as a restaurant manager, your staff members look up to you. It’s important to always lead by example, which will result in respect from your employees and make them want to strive for success.


  1. Celebrate Success: too often, it is always the negative things that get brought up and not the positive. Celebrating achievements and success is key. Everyone needs encouragement, and when they see their hard/good work recognised, their effort usually improves/carries on.


  1. Be Accountable For Your Mistakes: no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. But, the key is to acknowledge when a mistake was made. At staff meetings, let the team know you made a mistake, how you solved it, and what you learnt from it. It will help them to be vocal when they make a mistake and encourage them to find a solution.


  1. Be Organised: it is important to be organised. Write things down and make a checklist every day, as this will help you perform efficiently and effectively. If a customer makes contact, respond within an hour even if it is just an acknowledgement that you’ve received their communication and will get back to them.


  1. Delegate: your team will get a sense of ownership if you delegate jobs to them, which also takes the workload off the restaurant manager and allows you to move on to bigger, more important


  1. Exercise: running a restaurant is very physical; it involves long hours, and you’re always on your feet. You need to get a minimum of 30 minutes exercise in a day. Not only will it help you concentrate but also to develop stamina, which is key to balance those periods of intense activity (during service), admin, or to organise the restaurant by moving tables, etc.


  1. Customer Comes First: customer satisfaction, customer service, customer happiness. Those values are so important when running a restaurant. Hungry customers, last minute changes, dietary requirements, unhappy customers, and special requests. The list has no end; it is just our routine.


It is essential to weigh up every situation and think about how this will impact your business. Do everything possible to make your client happy because if your customers leave feeling satisfied, they will tell all of their friends. But, if they leave feeling unsatisfied, they will spruik on social media and tell the world in a public forum.


  1. Work on the Business: this should probably be on the higher end of your list because it is the best way to keep up to date in the long haul. Organise, plan ahead, take the time to examine dining trends, find out what’s successful and what’s not, tailor your business to your clientele, work on the satisfaction of your employees, customers and profitability, etc. I could go on… actually, I will.


It’s vital you create a marketing plan and calendar, so you know what key dates are coming up and to keep things interesting for customers. Last thing, I promise. Update your website and make sure your social feeds are on point – most people forget about this.


If you’re interested in becoming a restaurant manager, a restaurant management course might be the platform you need to launch your career.


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