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Food & Fitness Online Training Courses: 5 Career Ideas!

The health and wellness sectors are growth industries, generating billions of dollars every year in Australia, so it’s a profitable career choice. But to be successful you’ll also need a passion for improving the lives of people through fitness and nutrition.

So, if you do have the passion what are your career options? There are many, but we’ve listed 5 to get you thinking about your future in these exciting, health-promoting professions!

If you’re unsure where to start, you can enrol in many short online training courses to get a taste of whether a health and wellness career is for you.


  1. Nutritionist or Dietician

If you have an interest in the science of food and how it can help promote health and manage disease, a career as a dietitian or nutritionist is an ideal choice.


These health professionals are experts in the use of food and nutrition and advise people on their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle, meet specific health-related goals, or manage disease.

Dietitians and nutritionists can work for hospitals, nursing homes, meals on wheels,        hospitality and catering or can be self-employed in private practice or as consultants for a variety of organisations.

Online training courses, such as the Certificate of Food and Nutrition or Certificate of      Nutrition and Dietetics Assistance, will provide you with a taste of what it’s like to work       in this career without making the financial and time-commitment associated with a         degree.


  1. Health Food Store Manager

If you want to join the retail sector and have a passion for health and wellness there’s no place better than in one of the many health food and organic stores popping up around Australia.


You will join other health-conscious people who have successfully combined their passion for the natural and organic industry with a challenging, fun and rewarding job in retail.


You will also enjoy being part of a sustainable, positive work environment that promotes people’s health and the environment. If you’d like to add to your professional development in retail, online training courses like Certificate of Retail will help you find out if you are a perfect match for career in this health-promoting industry.


  1. Allied Health Assistant – Nutrition

If you’re seeking a support role in the nutrition industry, then an allied health position in nutrition is perfect for you.


As an allied health professional specialising in nutrition, you will assist nutritionists to ensure patients receive the best care through building meaningful relationships and implementing healthy eating programs.


If you’re empathetic with a customer-focused mindset, you’ll be a valuable addition to the nutrition industry as an allied health professional.


Online training courses in the health sector, such as the Certificate of Nutrition and Dietetics Assistance or Certificate of Health Psychology will provide insight into this career option.


  1. Health & Wellness Freelance Writer or Blogger

If you’re interested in health and wellness and have a talent for writing and research, you could be the next blog star or freelance health journalist. As a health blogger or freelance journalist you will inspire and empower people to achieve their wellness goals, and as a result you will motivate yourself towards better health.


If you’d like to pursue this career there are many online training courses that will inspire and inform you, such as the Certificate of Freelance Writing and Writing for the Web.


  1. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers keep people motivated to achieve their health and fitness goals. This is an excellent career choice for you if you have a passion for fitness with a focus on helping people.


A career as a personal trainer is also an excellent way to maintain your own physical health. You can enrol in online training courses, such as the Certificate of Nutrition and Dietetics Assistance or Certificate of Health Psychology or sports and nutrition online training course to prepare you for a career as a personal or group training professional.


Online training courses in health-related fields is an excellent way to discover if your passion is enough to maintain a career in this industry. Online training courses are a cost-effective and time-saving way to explore career options in the food, fitness and wellbeing industries before deciding on your future.


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