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4 Point checklist for selecting an online training provider

If you have been researching providers for an online training course, you may have noticed that not all providers are equal. Some ask for upfront payments and deliver your certificates as soon as you have passed your online courses, others let you pay when you have completed your courses, but take weeks to send out your qualifications.

To reduce the complexity of finding the right open learning provider for yourself, we have put together this short 4 point checklist that will make the process much faster and easier.

  1. Upfront payments: Paying upfront can be great, because you don’t have any debts hanging over your head. The solution is to look for a provider who lets you pay by direct debit payment plan with a small initial deposit.
  2. Guaranteed pass: Some open learning providers offer courses with a 100% guaranteed pass rate, which can be very compelling, but you need to find out more about this feature before signing on. How can they guarantee that you will pass? What happens if you fail certain parts of the course? Do your own due diligence and be sure that this is the right provider for your needs.
  3. Prolonged certifications: When you have completed your online training, you often need your qualifications in writing as soon as possible, allowing you to apply for a new job or promotion. At Australian Online Courses, we offer both hard copy and electronic certificate options and we always aim for a quick turnaround so you receive your qualifications within a short amount of time.
  4. No online support: Quite often you will find that online training providers are not in your local time zone or are slow to respond to your email enquiries. This makes real-time contact very difficult, particularly when you want immediate support for a problem, such as being locked out of the online site. The solution is to find a provider who values customer support and responds quickly to your emails, instead of waiting until the next business day for a response.

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