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Are project and business management courses still relevant?

When you enrol in project or business management courses you invest not only your valuable time, but also your hard-earned money to obtain a qualification that some people believe is no longer relevant. Is this still true?

Historically, this belief is certainly correct, and in some respects, it’s still true today. As you may well have experienced, there are managers who have never taken any management courses and have no formal qualifications; they have achieved their positions through hard work and an accumulation of skills, which over the years have become very relevant to their current positions.

So why should you bother investing in business or project management courses?

Well, whilst a degree or formal qualification is not always necessary, in a highly competitive market place it can become essential, as it makes you a more desirable candidate. Essentially, business management courses provide an edge in a competitive market and since many courses include work experience, they also help new graduates to get a foot in the door.

Are online management courses best for you?

The benefits of online business or project management courses are that you have more flexibility in your courses and you can learn at your own pace. On the other hand, when you attend an institution in-person, you must attend classes at set times and on specific days and your choice of courses is restricted by your chosen institution.

Today, with our lives busier and more stressful than ever, it’s vital that your study fits around your existing routines and events. With online courses, you have the flexibility to squeeze study in at any time and location of your choice.

Availability of project or business management courses online

Most online management courses are at the certificate or advanced certificate level, but since they are very affordable, you can achieve a portfolio that is specifically tailored to your career. The alternative is to attend an institution where degrees are composed of set units or modules, many of which might not be relevant to your chosen career.

A degree for example, will take you three years to complete, but in those three years you could have put together a formidable portfolio of business management courses that help you to achieve your career goals in a much shorter time frame.

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