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tired of temping steps to a permanent job

Tired of Temping? 7 Steps to a Permanent Job!

The transitory nature of temp work suits those who don’t want to commit to an employer, but others can be left feeling off-balanced and insecure with this type of arrangement. If you’re in the latter, there are seven things you can do to increase your chances of securing a permanent position according to Geoff Balmer, Director of Richard Lloyd Accounting Recruitment.


  1. Attitude.

When companies hire permanent staff, attitude is one of the key factors they consider at interview. Displaying a great positive attitude makes you a lot more employable and a company is far more likely to make you permanent if you have a positive attitude.


  1. Understand Job Responsibilities.

Make sure that you are clear from day one of the temporary assignment of what the job entails so you can outperform the role from the beginning. Strong on the job performance in the role will make the company want to hire you permanently.


  1. Clarity.

If you are unsure of the job tasks, make sure you ask so you can do a great job and make them want to hire you permanently.  Taking on new roles, using new processes and systems can be daunting for any temporary employee. Make sure you are clear on the expectations and responsibilities from day one, so you can be a star performer.


  1. Go Above and Beyond Your Job.

Make sure you exceed the job expectations and make yourself invaluable to the business. Companies never want to lose star performers; make yourself a star performer and companies will want to make you permanent.


  1. Timeliness and Sick Days.

Be on time and have impeccable attendance. If you are unwell, make sure that the employer knows this, and they understand how much time you will need to take off. Attendance is still clearly judged as an indicator of your performance, so make sure you are on time every day.


  1. Embed Yourself in the Team.

Try to get to know everyone in the team and build up good professional relationships.  Employers always want employees who fit into the team culture and if your colleagues are saying they like you, then that will help the hiring manager form an opinion that they want to keep you permanently.


  1. Understand Company Targets, Goals and Objectives.

What goals are your team working towards? What is the company trying to achieve?  This is relevant to temps and contractors at all levels in all disciplines. For example, if the company is trying to change a process then make sure you follow the new process. If a company is trying to offer better levels of customer service go above and beyond to make sure you meet the future goals.


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