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6 Ways to Make Every Minute Count

If you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day you’re not alone: life’s busy! There are some people, however, who seem to achieve a lot despite this time deficit; but how do they do it? They know the importance of time management strategies. Health and lifestyle blogger, Amy Darcy, is one of these people; here she shares her advice on how to fit more into your day without losing sleep!

The definition of time management: The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.

  1. Make a To-Do List

This gets everything out of your head and down on a page, which makes it far easier to break it down and make it more achievable and less overwhelming. You could stick this list to your fridge or have a notebook beside your bed; whatever you decide, make sure it’s handy.


  1. Prioritise Your To-Do List

Now that you have your list, ensure you make it a priority; whatever goes on the list must get done that day, week or month. You can prioritise the list from most essential to least important; but don’t push these items off the list, as you’ll feel like you’re not achieving your goals.


  1. Don’t Multitask

Time management negates a multitasking mindset. You’ve probably heard that women are better at multitasking than men, but that doesn’t mean they achieve more. It may seem like a good idea but research, and my own experience, shows that it makes you less efficient. So, focus and complete one task at a time.


  1. Stop Procrastinating

If you procrastinate you’re going to waste a lot of valuable time; plus, procrastination increases stress. So, no matter how unmotivated you feel, make a start and push through the initial pain to make progress.


  1. Don’t Give in to Perfectionism

There is no room for being perfect when it comes to getting things done. So, no matter how you feel about what you’re doing, make completion the end-game. You can always re-do it later; but done has to be good enough. Remember, your ‘to-do’ list is the master of your time; your picky-perfectionism will have to take a backseat.


  1. Set Timeframes for Tasks

This will help you avoid spending too long on a task that isn’t a priority and will enable you to get through the list. Don’t overestimate what you can get done in a day – I often do this and never feel on top of things as a result. Recently, I’ve created a new rule for myself – whatever I think I can get done, I halve it. Anything after that is a bonus!


Study Time Management – Make Every Minute Count.

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