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10 ways online study beats the classroom

10 Ways Online Study Beats the Classroom

If you’re unsure about taking your studies online, here are ten convincing reasons to choose e-learning over traditional study environments.


  1. Convenience

The only commute you’ll have to deal with when you choose online study is the walk from your bedroom to a study. This is a huge advantage to online learning as not only are you saving time in getting to and from a physical location – you’re also saving on transport costs.


  1. Flexibility

Online study doesn’t interfere with work commitments or family life. The self-paced nature of online learning means if you’re swamped at work or have an important family event, study can be put on hold until your busy life accommodates your learning goals. Many online courses, including those with Australian Online Courses, have no expiration date – so you can take weeks or years to finish your study program.


  1. Concentration

When you control your study environment there are less distractions to get in the way of absorbing course content. Many students will attest to the fact that loud, inconsiderate people in their lectures make it difficult to concentrate. There are also other factors, such as a lecturer’s tone and voice volume that can hinder learning. When you control your environment digitally you enhance your learning, and improve your ability to absorb important course information in less time.


  1. Interaction

We’re not all extroverts. Those among us who fall more heavily on the introversion spectrum will often participate more fully when in an e-learning environment. The absence of a face-to-face or group situation will give confidence to the more shy or introverted student, allowing them to ‘chat’ and interact more fully with lecturers and other students. The ability to ask questions privately, either through email or a phone conversation, with a course facilitator is a huge bonus for more quiet, reticent students.


  1. Career Advancement

When you commit to an online course you don’t need to quit your day job. You can still continue to work full-time or part-time while you work your way through your studies. This means you won’t have any employment gaps on your C.V due to furthering your education.


  1. Fill C.V Gaps

Life can throw us curve balls from time to time. It’s how we deal with these blows that determine how successful we’ll be in future. So, if you’ve lost your job, through redundancy or by choice, why not start an online learning course to enhance your confidence and your C.V? If you’ve started a family and are taking time off to be a full-time parent, studying online is an excellent way to fill any employment gaps with academic achievement.


  1. Variety

There’s no shortage of choice when you’re not limited by geography, from four-year degree programs to professional development certificates, there are literally hundreds of learning topics and levels of education online. So, if you’re interested in an obscure area of study you don’t need to move cities – it’s all there at the tip of your fingers with an e-learning study provider.


  1. Affordability

There’s no doubt about it – studying online is more affordable than traditional learning at an on-campus facility. In addition to the reduced costs of commuting, your study materials are all electronic (in most cases) so there’s no need to pay for costly textbooks and printed course materials.


  1. Comfort

You may want to get out of your pajamas to start your study day – but you don’t have to! There are no physical classes to attend so attire is optional. However, don’t get too comfortable! You might like to abandon the couch and set up a workspace that enhances your productivity. Take a look at 10 Tips For a Beautiful and Productive Home Office to set up your study space.


  1. Improve Your Technical Skills

When you choose to study online you have the added benefit of improving your technical and computer skills. You will take part in an e-learning environment that will require the development of new computer skills, such as navigating different e-learning management programs. You will experience and learn how to incorporate audio and video materials into your learning and assessments and discover how to join online discussions and forums.