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Create the Ultimate ‘Career’ New Year’s Resolution!

Whether you want to find a new career, get that big promotion or start your own business, getting clear on New Year’s resolution ideas means you’re likely to set realistic goals to achieve more in 2019.

We spoke to Career Coach Cecile Fery about turning New Year’s resolution ideas into realistic and achievable goals.


Here’s her enlightenment (you’re welcome)!


  1. Give Yourself Space.

Make time and space to think properly, uninterrupted about your New Year’s resolution ideas, and don’t ask for other people’s input – your goals are yours alone.


  1. Consider Your Overall Life Plan.

What do you want your life to look like in 2019? Now think about how work or study commitments will fit into that life, rather than the other way around.


  1. What Do You Want?

Ask yourself ‘what do I really want’ as opposed to ‘what can I do from where I am now?’ or ‘what should I do’ which reflects general expectations of the world.


  1. Focus on Exciting, Scary Goals.

Focus on New Year’s resolution ideas that feel exciting and a bit scary at the same time – if they don’t, go back to the drawing board. It’s most likely you have picked goals that are just the ‘expected’ next step, rather than the big, life-changing and often scary goals that will make 2019 your best yet.


  1. Ignore Negative Self-Talk.

Don’t let your self-talk get in the way of creating New Year’s resolution ideas and goals. You need to become aware of sabotaging behaviour, such as editing your goals down or discarding initial thoughts because you don’t think you can do.


  1. Focus on What Matters to You.

Don’t worry too much about the ‘how’, rather focus on the ‘what’ you want to achieve, and why it matters to you.


  1. Project Yourself to 2019’s End.

Sometimes it’s easier to start from what we don’t want to happen, to decide what it is that we want. Project yourself to the end of 2019 and ask yourself what you don’t want to experience.


  1. Time for a Change?

Look at the situations that frustrated you in 2018; they are a powerful indication of where things are ready to change – and set a new goal around them.


  1. Create Mini-Goals.

New Year’s resolution ideas are most effective when they turned into goals, of course! But even goals need to be broken down into smaller mini-goals to get a sense of your timeline (how long it will take). You can track your goals on a quarterly or monthly basis to make sure you’re where you should be in terms of achieving the big goal.


  1. What do You Need to Make it Happen?

Think about what you need to put in place to keep your goals in sight in 2019, such as resources, support, boundaries and accountability.


Measure Your Resolution’s Success

Once you’ve established your New Year’s resolution ideas, have set realistic and achievable goals, have broken them into mini-goals, acted on them and tracked them for timeliness, don’t forget to measure their success.

So, you need to decide what success looks like to you? Is it getting that promotion, or is it finishing your online course? Whatever achievement looks like to you, make sure you celebrate it. Because when you give yourself credit, you’ll be more motivated to achieve future goals.

Why not consider online study over the New Year via an online course to help you achieve the big resolutions in 2019?


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