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fired retrenched ways to turn things around

Fired? Retrenched? 10 Ways to Turn It Around.

If you suddenly lose your job it can be a shock. But once the shock wears off there are many ways to bounce back according to Counselling Psychotherapist Dr Karen Phillip.

Dr. Phillip says disappointment and feeling let down by an employer is a common reaction to being retrenched. “The person may be confused as to the reason the business failed or the reason they were selected for retrenchment,” she says.

She says retrenchment is much harder on older employees. “When younger the issue does not seem as severe. It escalates in severity the older the person is, as mature workers may find restarting in another company more challenging due to age issues.”

“Many retrenched workers lose confidence in themselves and their self-worth can tumble. This is especially relevant if they are the main bread-winner or financial support for their family,” she says.

So, what are the positives of being retrenched? Dr. Phillip explains.


  1. Be Open to Possibilities

As shocking or disappointing as it may be to lose your job, it opens the door to possibilities that you may never have considered.


  1. Reinvent Yourself

Retrenchment allows you to reinvent yourself. So, if there’s ever been a time in your life to change the direction of your career – now is the perfect opportunity.


  1. Pursue Your Passion

One of the benefits of retrenchment is the time to consider what you’re passionate about. Consider this time as an opportunity to pursue your passion, as being stuck in a job for money does not permit us to follow our passion.


  1. Work for Yourself

If you’ve ever considered working for yourself retrenchment is a great motivator. Consider stepping into your own business, be your own boss and set your own rules.


  1. Consider a New Direction

Take some time to consider a new direction, one that will fulfil you and use your experience and abilities.


  1. Focus on Your Future

Focus on things you have always wanted to accomplish in your work or career. Consider educating yourself in an additional or different way, follow your passion and focus on things you can achieve rather than looking back at any loss.

When we look back we often remain stuck in the past. We know we are unable to change events of the past, what we can do however is create new opportunities and possibilities for our future.


  1. Take Temporary Work

This is important until you find that permanent position that’s right for you. Always consider financial budgeting while you are seeking new employment. Take on a part-time temporary job to ensure bills are paid while focusing on new events in your life and career.


  1. Keep yourself physically active

Never sit around bored or lazy as this creates sadness and frustration. Schedule regular exercise routine to keep your mind and body in top shape.


  1. Seek Support

You should consider counselling to dissolve any past issue causing you distress. Keep your loved ones close and informed, they are your support system during this transition time in your life.

If you’ve been retrenched and are feeling lost, disbanded or unempowered, then counselling can help you redevelop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. It can also assist you to develop a new focus and open your mind to future possibilities.


  1. Volunteer

To keep yourself feeling needed and worthwhile consider a voluntary position – there is always someone that needs your help. Visit Go Volunteer for opportunities in your area.