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6 popular interview questions and how to answer them

6 Popular Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

We have the inside scoop on what questions you’re most likely to encounter at your next interview. Director of JustMums Recruitment and expert recruitment consultant Rachel Perkins, shares her favourite questions and how to answer them for interview success.


  1. What Has Attracted You to this Company?


For a recruiter, this gives an insight into the candidate’s level of preparation, company research undertaken and knowledge of the employer. To answer this, the candidate could talk about the success of the company or brand including any news or media reports, the company values and how these align to their own or how the employer best fits with their work-related preferences and career plan. Being able to talk about the employer and what they do is impressive and shows that you are keen and interested.


  1. What Does Your Ideal Role Look Like?


As an agency recruiter this is the perfect question to ask to identify the candidate’s motivations, interests, passions, preferences and career goals. Your answer will allow us to assess whether you are suited to the role you are applying for or other potential opportunities that are managed by the recruitment agency. It goes without saying that if you are applying for a role, make sure your response aligns to that role and that role only.


  1. So, Tell Us About a Time When…


An oldie but a goodie, this behavioural question allows the interviewer to hear about the candidate’s previous work experience and determines their skills and capabilities against the requirements of the position they are applying for. Always read through the position description or job advertisement prior to an interview and be sure to have some work examples to share with the interviewer that match the requirements of and tasks associated with the role.


  1. What Would Your Colleagues Say About You if I Asked Them?


This question is always a light-hearted one and allows the interviewer to get some insight into the interviewees personality, level of self-awareness and general perception of themselves. It can provide information on how they work in a team and is a good question when considering best cultural fit for a team or organisation.



  1. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job/Why are You Looking to Move On?


This is commonly asked so candidates must have this question covered. Honesty is the best policy here as reference checks will cross check the information you have shared at interview. Conflict at work or bad experiences with employers sometimes can’t be avoided however please be professional and mature in the way you approach this at interview.  Speaking disrespectfully or negatively about your former or current employer or colleagues will go against you. Similarly, if you have significant gaps between jobs on your resume this can be a “red flag” for hirers so that said, it is worth being honest and ready to answer questions around this too.


  1. Do You Have Any Questions?


This question will almost always be asked at the end of an interview and it is crucial to have a few up your sleeve. Candidates often forget that an interview is a two-way street and just as much your chance to assess whether the employer is the right one for you. So, get your questions together and you’ll appear interested, engaged and prepared by doing so. You could ask the interviewer what they like most about working for the company or a question around their workplace culture for example.