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10 Compelling Careers in Procurement

Procurement is a diverse and exciting industry with positions available across many organisations from government departments to private enterprise. There’s also ample opportunity for career advancement for hard working procurement professionals.

What’s the Difference Between Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management?

Procurement, purchasing and supply chain management are often confused but, while roles can overlap, they are different in many ways. Procurement deals with sourcing responsibilities and includes negotiation and the strategic selection of goods and services for an organisation. Purchasing is the less complicated process of how goods and services are ordered. The management of the supply chain is the infrastructure, including a network of manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers, required to get the good and services to an organisation.

Types of Procurement Careers

Procurement involves obtaining products or services for business purposes and covers a range of business needs, including assets, supplies, skills and services for the business to operate smoothly. Here are 10 different roles in procurement from senior to entry-level positions.

  1. Director of Procurement

A director of procurement oversees the purchasing departments of an organisation and reports directly to the president of their organisation. This is the most senior position in procurement and requires extensive work experience, academic qualifications and excellent managerial and communication skills.

  1. Procurement Consultant (Specialist)

A procurement consultant has extensive experience in procurement or purchasing in addition to academic qualifications in a related field. Procurement consultants develop, complete and undertake the whole procurement process from conception to contract execution on behalf of an organisation. In a consultancy role, it is important to be able to provide advice and guidance in a way that can be easily accepted and implemented by organisations.

  1. Manager of Purchasing

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy negotiating and communicating, this could be the perfect job for you. Purchasing managers buy the best quality equipment, goods and services, at the lowest available price, to allow a company to operate successfully.

This job requires management of a team across sourcing, buying and stock control. It can also involve sourcing imported products, raw materials, machinery and packaging.

  1. Manager of Commodities

A commodity is fixed and is basically the same, no matter who supplies it to a company. Common examples include petrol, gas, wheat, gold and oil but there are many more.

This management role involves continual development and requires delivery of strategies in a supply chain. This role provides a company with supply assurance, flexibility, pricing and delivery performance.

  1. Development Manager

A development manager focuses on future development projects. They oversee and manage post completion and handover issues on defects and the warranty process but are primarily responsible for the management, negotiation and coordination of suppliers.

  1. Procurement Manager

Procurement leads, or procurement managers, work for large companies and oversee managing and coordinating procurement agents, buyers or purchasing agents, as well as working on the most complex purchases for the company.

  1. Procurement Data Analyst

The main function of a procurement data analyst is to evaluate vendors based on price, quality, availability, reliability and technical support. They then contract the appropriate product or service to be delivered for a company.

  1. Senior Procurement Buyer

A senior procurement buyer oversees the implementation of purchasing procedures so a company can achieve budget improvements in quality, cost and delivery for various commodities.

This position is responsible for identifying and procuring goods and services that an organisation requires. They identify external material needs of the organisation, find services providers, negotiate prices and arrange for purchase and delivery of the goods.

  1. E-procurement Manager

Some procurement managers specialise in electronic procurement, or e-procurement, which involves procurement of goods and services used in the conduct of business over the internet as well as other information and networking systems.

  1. Procurement Officer

A procurement officer (advisor) generally focuses on one procurement process at a time or develops procurement processes and tenders over a range of products and services for an organisation.  A procurement officer usually reports to a procurement manager.

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