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You’re Hired! 10 Ways to Outshine the Competition

You’ve spotted your dream job, you fit the selection criteria and the company’s a good fit with your work history –you’re all set, right? Wrong, says recruitment specialist Renee Porter of Kingfisher Recruitment.

You may have the qualifications and experience for an advertised position but if you don’t adhere to recruitment etiquette and social expectation you won’t be hired.

So, take note of the following expert recruitment tips for success with your next job application.


  1. Do Your Research
    Think about the companies you’d like to work for and create a list. Be sure to keep an open mind as a smaller business will be able to offer you experience that a larger firm may not and vice versa.


  1. Update Your CV
    It can be challenging to establish what to include and what not to, keep it simple!
    Your CV should include your personal details, brief profile, qualifications, awards, career experience and relevant technical skills and behaviours. Typos are an absolute deal breaker, check, check and check again!


  1. The Cover Letter
    This is an opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight what you can bring to the team. Make sure you mention why you are interested in that company and how this aligns with your long-term career goals.


  1. Be Reference Ready
    Include references on your CV or ‘available upon request’. It will be the most beneficial long-term if you provide a current or former direct report who is able to offer detailed insight around your key responsibilities.


  1. Increase Your Visibility
    If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, create one today! This is essentially your online CV, which will make it much easier for potential employers or relevant recruiters to find and contact you. It’s important to include keywords relevant to the role that you’re seeking. For example, if you are keen to secure a role in interior design within the commercial or workplace sectors, including these words in your profile will make you easier to locate.


  1. Be Proactive
    You do not need to wait for a position to be advertised. In fact, making direct approaches to companies of interest will drastically increase your chances of securing a new role. It shows initiative and you will have far less competition to contend with.


  1. Utilise Your Network
    Don’t ask, don’t get! Reach out to your industry contacts, or your teacher and ask the question: “do you know anyone who is looking for graduates at the moment?”. Simple yet effective!


  1. Follow Up
    Always follow up an email submission with a phone call. Make your submission via email “Expression of Interest” and call one to two days after to ensure they have received it. This is also important to connect with the hiring manager to see if there is currently any opportunity at graduate level within the business. If you’re unable to speak to the manager, ask ‘when would be a good time to call back’?


  1. Be Prepared
    I often receive calls along the lines of, “I’d like to know more about the role I saw advertised on Seek”. I say, “sure, what would you like to know?”. Silence… You can avoid this by being prepared. Write a list of questions – three is sufficient – that you would like to ask about the business to show an interest and create an opportunity to discuss what value you can add to the company.


  1. Persist!
    Stay positive, professional and persist until the desired result is achieved (without becoming a stalker, of course). Finding a new role can take time so be patient and be prepared to receive many ‘no’s’ before you receive that long awaited ‘yes’.


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