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work life balance it does exist

6 Careers for Best Work/Life Balance

According to Aiying Law, Director of Mum and Working Australia, most people looking for flexible work hours are parents with school-age children. However, carers and those with a spouse working shifts also seek flexibility in their career.

The 2016 SEEK Learning Defining Work-Life Balance Report, found that an overwhelming 92% of Australians say work-life balance is so important that it would influence their decision to change jobs. In fact, the survey of 3,000 people, discovered more than one in two Australians have changed jobs to find work-life balance with most (70%) finding it.


So, what careers lend themselves to a work-life balance? Law says the following are the best options.

  1. Online Businesses.

Technology has enabled online businesses to operate remotely. So, employees can work from home and/or work flexible hours.

Small to medium sized-business need part-time bookkeepers. This is a popular and in-demand job that can be both home-based and flexible in ours.


  1. Writers/Editors.

Writers specialising in content creation (print articles, blogs, e-zines, white papers, web content) once briefed, can work from home, working flexible hours on a freelance arrangement.

If you’re looking for hours outside the typical nine to five then shiftwork, in industries such as healthcare (nurses), hospitality and retail, may offer the flexibility to work around family commitments.


  1. Virtual Assistants.

This is ideal for parents of young children. You can work flexible hours from home (or anywhere you can take a laptop and mobile phone). This job can include everything from event coordinators to recruitment and administration assistants, and can work particularly well for those working with clients in a different time-zone, giving you opportunity to work outside the nine to five work day.

Surprisingly, many legal services can be conducted virtually. Specialised lawyers are working toward a virtual model to brief and meet with clients remotely. This is more common in transactional areas of law, such as conveyancing, reviewing legal documents and drafting legal contracts.


Study a Career with Work-Life Balance

If you’d like more flexibility in your career consider a professional development course offered by Australian Online Courses. There are hundreds of online courses available in fields that value flexibility in the workplace.

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