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top 10 careers that make a difference

Top 10 Careers for Making a Difference in the World

Are you one of the lucky few with a career that changes the world for the better?

Sure, there are likely hundreds of jobs that make a real difference in the world.

But we can’t list them all, so we’ve narrowed it down by seeking the advice of Melbourne-based Career Coach, Leah Lambert of Relaunch Me.

“I coach many clients who are looking to change careers because they want to contribute to society and make a difference.

“For some this means re-training for a new career but for others it can mean changing to a different industry or organisation that is making a real difference such as working for a not-for-profit or working for an organisation in the health care or education industry sectors,” says Lambert.

She says volunteering is a good option for people who don’t want to change careers but do want the satisfaction of helping people.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, at the top of her list is International Aid Work, think Angelina Jolie! But we’re not all celebrities with millions at our disposal. So we’ve come up with practical careers that offer more than just a paycheck, but also, the altruistic feeling of doing good.

  1. International Aid Work

It’s a big world out there with plenty of opportunities to help those less fortunate. The Australian Red Cross recruit aid workers when disaster and conflict break out all over the world. Their website provides information on roles ranging from disaster management, engineering, logistics, public health, shelter, sanitation and communications.

  1. Healthcare

There’s an abundance of positions in the health care industry (nurses, doctors, community services – disability, mental health and aged care) that make a difference to the lives of individuals. If you’re interested in care position in the health or medical sector this is a rewarding career choice.

  1. Social Work

Social workers help individuals, families, couples and groups to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges. Employment opportunities are available in hospitals, schools, neighbourhoods and community organisations to address issues such as poverty, addiction, abuse, unemployment, education problems, disability, mental illness and trauma.

  1. Counselling

Do people feel compelled to confide in you? You might have a natural ability to empathise. Counsellors help people with emotional issues using cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy and related talking therapies. If you have a strong desire to help others with life challenges, a career as a counsellor might be for you. Job Outlook reports that looking forward, employment for Counsellors (to November 2020) is expected to grow very strongly.

  1. Teaching

Perhaps you’d like to help shape the next generation? In a teaching profession, you make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Through your work you see students gain new knowledge that empowers their future. Whatever the reasons teachers teach, it’s a worthwhile mention as a career that has a positive impact.

  1. Philanthropy

Any individual with talent and entrepreneurial spirit can forge a career in philanthropy. Rewarding and enriching in all kinds of ways, grant-making, charity funding, social movements and grassroots community empowerment, all play a part in this career path. For more information and positions currently available visit Philanthropy Australia.

  1. Working for a Not For Profit

Passionate about a cause? Turn it into a career! The Australian Bureau of Statistics, reports there were 56,894 not-for-profit organisations operating in Australia (2013), contributing significantly to employment with over a million people employed and 3.9 million volunteers nationally.

  1. Career, Life, Wellness Coaching

Coaching people, whether in lifestyle, health or career rewards those who crave interaction with people on an emotional and practical level. Your passion can become your career. Are you a health nut, a driven business professional, a personal trainer? There is endless potential to turn your experience into a coaching profession that empowers others.

  1. Lawyer

As a lawyer, you fight for the rights of individuals and that can be a powerful motivator for a career in the legal sector. If spending years at university isn’t for you, consider a supportive role, such as paralegal or administrative assistant.

  1. Psychologist

Counselling psychologists work with patients to improve mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. If you have a passion for understanding human behaviour and enjoy working with people this career might be for you.

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