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Are You a People Person? Meet Your Best Career Options

Do people feel like you take a genuine interest in them? That’s because you do – you can’t fake it and you don’t need to. You’re a people person. You have that special quality that can’t be bought or taught – charisma!

And while your people skills are valuable at social gatherings and parties they’re also just as essential as any other skill when it comes to discovering a rewarding and lucrative career.

You might not realise it, but leveraging your extroversion, caring personality and high-level interpersonal skills can be a game-changer when it comes to finding a career that not only fulfills you but also rewards you with commensurate salary.

According to Career Consultant Leah Lambart of Relaunch Me there are many careers that not only require high level “people skills” but are integral to the position.

So if you’re a social butterfly looking for a career that meets your expectations, consider one of the Top 10 Careers for Those with People Skills and the 10 High Earning Careers for Social Butterflies according to Lambart.

Top 10 Careers for Those with People Skills

  1. Sales and Business Development
  2. Human Resources or Recruitment
  3. Teacher or Trainer
  4. Hospitality
  5. Public Relations
  6. Consulting Services
  7. Customer Service Roles
  8. Real Estate
  9. Marketing
  10. Retail

10 High Earning Careers for Social Butterflies

  1. Barrister or Lawyer
  2. Marketing Director
  3. Marketing Product Manager
  4. Human Resources Director
  5. Construction Manager
  6. Sales & Business Development
  7. Management Consultant
  8. Insurance Broker
  9. Public Relations Executive
  10. Operations or General Manager


What’s your Best Match?

If you’re unsure about how your personality translates to a perfect match career, Lambart recommends a personality assessment. She says as part of her career coaching work, she uses a career-focused personality assessment tool called Career Magnifier. You can also try the 16 Personalities Test or for a more detailed assessment, try MBTI Personality Test.

Upskill for Career Success

If your current career isn’t a good match consider taking a new direction with an online education course offering flexible delivery so you can study at your own pace.

Australian Online Courses offers professional development and certificate courses that are delivered completely online via our e-learning system, giving students the flexibility to study anywhere and at any time.

On Course for a Socially Rewarding Career.

So you’ve figured out you need people in your work life. Now take the next step by studying what you’re passionate about. Australian Online Courses offers a range of online courses that compliment your social skills for career success.

What’s Your Course?

Top career choices for those with people skills and high earning roles include Human Resources, Recruitment and Industrial Relations. If this sounds like a smart career move, why not enrol in Certificate of Employee and Industrial Relations, which provides skills and knowledge to manage employee and industrial relations matters in an organisation. This online professional development course can lead to a rewarding career where your people skills are valued and rewarded.

Or a Certificate of Recruitment Consulting, offering skills and tools to succeed in the exciting and fast-paced recruitment industry. This online course for new recruitment consultants is a sales focused program aimed at helping new recruiters build their desk with a focus on new business development.

As a people person, you have an uncanny ability to read people but if you’d really like to understand what makes people tick, you may also benefit from studying our online certificate course Understanding the Brain and Behaviour. This professional development course explores the human mind, brain and behaviour and provides an insight into the functions of the human brain. This course enhances your working relationships and is invaluable for those managing people.