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the logic behind a logistics career

The Logic Behind Taking the Logistics Career Path

You’ve probably heard the term ‘logistics’ before, and you probably know its basic meaning. But do you know much about the logistics industry?

What is the logistics industry?

Basically, those working in logistics handle a business’ supply chain, and logistics personnel are in charge of ensuring a business has the supplies it needs to run successfully.

Chances are, you probably haven’t ever considered working in logistics. It’s not a glamorous position—you didn’t spend your childhood dreaming about your future in logistics—but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great career option.

Why should I consider a career in logistics?

Every industry has benefits, but starting down the logistics career path now is a great idea. Here are the top four reasons why you should consider a career in the logistics sector.

  1. It’s a great time to get started

The technology boom has had a massive impact on the way logistics personnel manage supply chains, and the impact emerging technologies have on the logistics sector is going to continue to grow. Continuous innovation makes now an exciting and dynamic time to work within the logistics industry.

In 2013, the logistics industry contributed $131.6 billion to the Australian economy, and the industry has only continued to grow since then. For those chasing job certainty in a stable industry, logistics could be exactly what you’re looking for!

  1. There are thousands of opportunities

The globalisation of the business world means logistics teams need to supply goods all around the world. Not only has this made the industry a lot more interesting to work in, it continues to generate opportunities.

If you search for logistics job opportunities in Australia, you’ll find over 11,000 results! New opportunities are added daily across all job levels, so you’ll easily be able to find an opportunity that suits your needs.

In fact, studying a Certificate of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the top 10 courses that will get you a job!

  1. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement

Because new opportunities are opening up so rapidly, there’s always opportunities for those in logistics to rise through the ranks. The logistics sector tends to promote from within, so working hard and making a good impression is important.

  1. A career in logistics is highly varied

With almost every business in Australia requiring some form of supply chain management, it’s easy to see why every career opportunity in the logistics industry would be different. A typical day in a logistics position could see you organise the supply chain for a massive, international conglomerate as well as for your local, independent grocery store.

The sheer size of the logistics industry means you’ll always be doing something different, so it’s impossible to get bored.

What’s the next step?

So, you’ve decided a career in logistics is the right option for you, but what should you do next to make sure you get the position you desire?

Brush up on your organisation and time-management skills.

The importance of good time-management skills is obvious when you’re in charge of ensuring business’ have the supplies they need to run successfully. Organisation is a learned skill, so if you need a little help, here are five secrets to better time-management in the workplace.

Study a logistics course.

Learning the skills you need to work in logistics will give you a leg up when applying for jobs. Completing a Certificate of Logistics and Supply Chain Management or a Certificate of Export Logistics will not only give you the knowledge and skills you need, but will also demonstrate your work ethic and dedication to your potential employers.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can even study an Advanced Certificate of Logistics to gain a more detailed understanding of the industry.

Make sure employers can’t look past you.

To make sure you get the job you want, you need to make yourself as employable as possible. Studying an online course will help you, but so will making sure you have the must-have skills employers want.

You’re never too old to study, so whether you’re returning to the workforce or you’re straight out of high school, studying a course in logistics could be the best and most logical career move you ever make!