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ultimate guide to working in the procurement industry

The Ultimate Guide to Working in the Procurement Industry

The procurement industry has become an integral part of many businesses, but if you still don’t know what it is, you’re not the only one. Procurement often flies under the radar of job seekers, not because there aren’t any opportunities (there are plenty!), but because there are at least 99 different job titles to describe procurement roles.

What is the procurement industry?

So, what exactly is procurement? Basically, procurement involves the purchasing of goods and services and everything that entails, from sourcing goods, establishing connections, creating contracts, analysing value, financing and inventory control to name a few.

Understanding what procurement is makes it easy to understand why businesses need procurement professionals: everyone needs to make purchases. There is room for procurement in a large portion of businesses, which means there’s plenty opportunities for job seekers!

Why should I consider a career in procurement?

There are so many benefits that come with a career in the procurement sector, and here are just a few of them.

1.      There are plenty of opportunities in procurement

A quick google search brings up more than 3,000 opportunities in Australia. That’s an incredible amount, and if you keep in mind there are about 100 potential job titles for procurement professionals, there are plenty of other roles you could search for to find the perfect opportunity for you.

2.      Procurement is a high-paying industry

A full-time Procurement Manager in Australia could expect a salary between $150,000 and $210,000.  As a part of the business administration and management sector, procurement courses are delivering big bucks to students upon course completion.

3.      A career in procurement can take you across the globe

The thing about businesses is that no matter what country they’re in, they all need to buy things. Don’t want to work overseas, but like the idea of travel? Procurement has your back there as well, as travelling to meet with international suppliers might be necessary in many organisations.

4.      Procurement professionals get great exposure

The procurement industry exposes professionals to senior stakeholders like no other career. In the procurement industry, doors are opened for professionals based often on performance rather than seniority, so even junior staff will have the opportunity to network with key stakeholders.

5.      Every day in a procurement role is different

Some jobs can be monotonous: each day, you arrive at the same time, read the same emails, make the same phone calls, sit through the same boring meetings, and come back the next day for the exact same routine. A career in procurement couldn’t be more different. Every day will be different from the last, especially if you work in a consultancy environment!

What’s the next step?

Now you’ve seen the benefits, what’s the next step to ensuring you get the procurement position you desire? First, you need to make sure you have the skills necessary to succeed.


Procurement professionals are given a lot of responsibility early on in their career, so it’s important you have the confidence in your ability to get the job done, especially when you’re working with senior stakeholders.

Analytical Skills

A lot of the procurement industry involves problem solving, logistics and making things work. You need to be able to analyse the options to help you choose the best solution.

Decision-Making Skills

Procurement is all about making decisions. What do you need to buy? When do you to receive it? Can you afford it? Procurement professionals make so many decisions every day, so you need to have the skills to make the right choices.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential for almost every career, and a position in the procurement industry isn’t any different. Procurement professionals need to be able to communicate effectively to be successful in their role.

These skills are very universal, nd can be easily transferred from career to career. But, if you think you need to brush up on a few of those skills, they’re skills that you can learn!

How can I be successful in the procurement industry?

The best way to ensure a long, successful career in the procurement industry is to set yourself up well right from the start. Studying a Certificate of Procurement and Contract Management will not only give you the knowledge you need to work in the industry, but will also give you the confidence you need to get your foot in the door.

The Certificate of Procurement and Contract Management is a completely online course, so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. There are so many benefits that come from studying online, a lot of which you can’t get from a university degree.

If you’re looking to start your career in the procurement industry, make sure you check out the Certificate of Procurement and Contract Management online course. Whether you’re brand new to the workforce, or you’re returning to study after a significant career, the procurement industry could be the right fit for you.