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Why online training courses may be better than a university degree

Cost-effective online courses are giving people the skills to pursue rewarding careers and may be a more relevant option for many students than a long and expensive university degree. Here are 5 reasons to go online.


  1. They cost much, much less

The skyrocketing costs of a university education are making many students rethink whether they want to sign up to years of potential debt for a degree that may or may not get them a job. Online courses, by contrast, typically focus on practical skills that are in demand in the workforce – and are available at a fraction of the cost of a university education.


  1. You can work at your own pace

Online education is all about choice. You can select which courses you want to do, how many you want to tackle, when you want to study and how long you will need to graduate. That sort of flexibility is rarely available with university degrees.

Of course, you also have the luxury of studying from home, a café, or anywhere for that matter. That means time-consuming commutes to a university campus are not required. You just log on to the internet and get stuck into your course material.


  1. They have the backing of industry

At reputable online education providers, courses are developed in consultation with industry professionals so graduates have the comfort of knowing that their newly acquired skills will be relevant in the workforce. A Certificate or Statement of Attainment is issued upon completion to add to your CV. While many university degrees in areas such as legal, media and business studies have been highly regarded in the past, the sheer volume of graduates in tighter job markets can make it hard to get a job in those disciplines. Practical certificate courses, on the other hand, often deliver the skills employers need.


  1. You get 24-hour access to courses and tutors

Online courses are just the click of a key away – all your assignments and supporting materials can be accessed whenever you need them. Whereas you often have to attend campus lectures to get the most out of a university subject, there is around-the clock access to lectures, videos and teacher notes in the online world. The best online educators also offer seven-day-a-week access to tutors if you need them.


  1. They give your technology skills a boost

Let’s face it, we live in an online world – and that means studying and working remotely will become more and more common in the years to come. Signing up to an online course allows you to immediately immerse yourself in an environment where higher-level computer skills and up-to-date learning platforms are the norm. It’s the best of both worlds – you get the flexibility of online study while also picking up the IT skills that can make a difference in modern workplaces.


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