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8 Skills You Need to Succeed as a Legal Transcriptionist

8 Skills You Need to Succeed as a Legal Transcriptionist

If you’re thinking of embarking on a career as a legal transcriptionist these are the skills that will make you a success.


  1. Knowledge of Legal Terminologies

Understanding legal terminology, judicial procedures and legal systems is important to the legal transcription occupation.


  1. Excellent Typing Speed and Accuracy

You will need to be able to type at words per minute with x accuracy to be a successful transcriptionist.


  1. Enhanced Listening Skills

As transcription is the conversion of audio into text, the first of the important skills that transcribers need to have is an enhanced ability to listen.


  1. Proficiency in Transcription Software

Word processing, spreadsheet, and billing software applications are important skills in legal transcription work.


  1. Ability to Multitask

You’ll need the ability to multi-task.


  1. Exceptional Proofreading Skills

Picking up on errors in transcribed documents is important to legal documents

  1. High-Level English Language Proficiency

Legal transcriptionists must have a knack for punctuating the spoken word


  1. Research

Transcriptionists need the ability to search for information specific to the industry they work. Being able to find spelling errors, difficult to understand words, and information pertaining to legal cases is essential. The job may involve research into specific courts and legal cases, legal terms, technical terms and more.


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