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6 Careers That Are Good For You

6 Careers That Are Good For You

We spend a third of our lives working, so it makes sense to choose a career that makes us healthier and happier. That said, almost half of Australians are dissatisfied with their jobs. So, if you’re ready for a change, take a look at six careers that improve physical or emotional wellbeing.



When you’re paid to help people workout it’s difficult not to be super fit! As a fitness instructor, you reap the benefits of getting your clients in great shape. Your job keeps you active every day. If you work outside, you’re also exposed to nature and a natural environment boosts feel-good hormones and reduces stress. Physical activity is essential to health, so if you can see yourself helping others reach their fitness and weight-loss goals this could be the perfect career for you.



As an expert in the fields of food and nutrition you will help people achieve optimal health and as a result you’re educated to take care of yourself. So, turn your passion for health into a profession as a nutritionist or dietician. Advising people on how to eat for good health is certain to set you up for a lifetime of wellbeing.



A holistic education for the body, mind and spirit, yoga and Pilates teachers enjoy the feel-good factor of helping others, while working on their own strength, fitness and emotional wellbeing.



Have you heard of Forest Therapy? In Japan, spending time in nature has long been used to treat stress, depression and even high-blood pressure. Those who work in nature, such as landscape gardeners, farmers, florists and park rangers, have access to better air-quality and enjoy the calming effects of nature.



Massage therapists need to be physically fit and strong. They also have the advantage of working in a peaceful environment and know how to focus on relaxation, which is important for emotional wellbeing.



Expressing creativity is great for our brain and emotional wellbeing. When your work encourages you to tap into creativity, such as writing or designing, you focus your attention in a similar way to meditating. If you write about health-related topics, you also get an education on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while educating others.



Choose a Career That’s Good for You

A professional development course in the one of the following industries could lead to a happier and healthier career. Start today and study at your own pace towards a more fulfilling future.

Certificate of Food and Nutrition

Certificate of Nutrition and Dietetics Assistance

Certificate of Freelance Writing

Certificate of Creative Writing