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Online Study? A Quick Guide to Check If It’s The Right Fit For You

Understanding your own personality, long-term study objectives and any competing commitments in your life will help you determine if online study is the right option for you.

The rise of online learning opens up a new world of education opportunities for many people. Here are some factors to consider before you sign up.

Technology Tools

The ability to study anywhere and at any time is a major advantage with online education, but you do need to have some basic technology tools and elementary proficiency with computers, printers and scanners. Broadband internet access is essential, while a working knowledge of the internet, email and tasks such as downloading and attaching electronic files will make the experience a lot smoother.


Some students can work well with minimal supervision, while others prefer the structure of regular lectures and contact with lecturers. How about you? Self-starters who are reasonably disciplined are well suited to online study. Working professionals, in particular, often find that they can continue their day job while getting the qualifications they need to get ahead through online courses.

Time Management

An ability to manage your day-to-day work and life commitments with study requirements will clearly result in a better educational experience. If you are at the mercy of random or unexpected commitments that can stall your study plans, make sure you have flexibility around the submission of assignments and graduation deadlines. Australian Online Courses, for example, does not impose a set timeframe for graduation, so you can complete the course at a faster pace if you are highly motivated, or take your time if external factors pop up.


For people who live in rural and regional areas, online study is a natural choice as they seek to bolster their skills and progress their careers (just make sure you have a satisfactory internet connection). Of course, many city dwellers such as stay-at-home parents also appreciate the convenience of being able to learn from the comfort of their house or apartment. Others just could not be bothered trying to beat the traffic to attend a university of TAFE campus.

Course Selection

If you are spending time and money on your education, you need to ensure that a course meets your needs. Naturally, professionals such as doctors and specialists will require a university degree, while some executives may opt to do an MBA course or perhaps a Masters degree. Many other people, however, can achieve their career goals with Advanced Certificate or practical courses which give them the requisite skills for their roles. So assess the skills you need and check with potential employers, if necessary, to ensure you choose the perfect online course that is relevant for you.


Some people like a teacher-student experience based on regular face-to-face contact, while others prefer the flexibility of accessing course content and tutors at their time of choosing through online platforms. The convenience of being able to quickly contact tutors around the clock with a quick email is one of the strengths of the online learning model. When selecting online providers, make sure they offer highly skilled tutors who are readily available to answer any questions about the course and assessments.

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