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10 Quick Tips to Help You Get Back Into the Workplace

If you are resuming your career after a considerable break, map out a clear strategy which gives you the best chance of fulfilling your new career goals.

Trying to get back into the workplace – and adjusting to the change once you land that new job – can be a stressful time. Smart planning can make all the difference, though. Here are some ideas to help you succeed.

1. Assess your career aspirations
Before simply diving back into your old area of work, think about if that’s really what you want. Times and motivations change. This is the perfect chance to reinvent yourself.

2. Update your skills
Once you have determined your favoured career path, make sure your skills align with your ambitions. If your skill-sets need updating, sign up for some practical certificate courses that can quickly get you up to speed. From using new software programs and brushing up on your Excel skills to creating budgets, there is no end to your choices.

3. Embrace online study
With such learning, online education courses have transformed the market. You no longer need a university degree to score a great job. Going online not only gives you great choices, but great flexibility too. You can study anywhere, anytime.

4. Boost your confidence
One of the hardest things about re-entering the workforce is a lack of self-belief. Practise your new career pitch on family and friends, target appropriate jobs and walk a fine line between having self-confidence without being arrogant.

5. Invest in yourself
As part of refreshing your skills and boosting your confidence, understand the importance of spending some time and money on yourself. Consider buying some new clothes for that job interview; signing up for an online course, or seeing a career coach. It will be money well spent.

6. Revise your résumé
A long break from the workplace can present gaps on your résumé that are a turnoff for some employers. Recognising those deficiencies and targeting them when selecting online courses can help overcome any issues. Create a CV that highlights your skills rather than your work chronology; that means listing your achievements and emphasising qualities such as ‘marketing experience’ and ‘sales successes’. The importance of getting this personal and professional pitch right is the reason why Australian Online Courses offers graduates a free appraisal of their CV to identify areas that could be improved and increase their chances of career success.

7. Regenerate your networks
The jobs world is all about connections, and a break from the workforce can break the chains. Signing up for social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is a great way to update your networks and sell your skills. Face-to-face networking is also crucial.

8. Consider part-time work
It may not be possible to walk straight into your dream job. Flexible or part-time work can act as a bridge to resuming a meaningful career while picking up valuable new skills that set you up for other opportunities in the months and years ahead.

9. Ramp up your health and fitness
As well as being mentally fit, it helps to be at your physical peak before embarking on a new career journey. Going back into a stressful work environment can be tough, so it pays to be in good physical health before you walk in the door.

10. Never give up
Relaunching your career is not easy, but armed with perseverance, new skills and a great attitude, you can do it.

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