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What Courses Are Delivering Big Bucks For Students?

A wide range of online education courses reflecting changes in the modern workplace can set up students for life with rewarding careers.

In days past, university courses such as medicine, law and economics were seen as the best tickets to career financial success.

While these jobs can still deliver a big pay day, the emergence of a vast array of online education courses and growing disciplines such as information technology and health care has opened up lucrative new fields for students. It’s all relative, too. A medical degree, for instance, will set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars and take many years of intensive study – if you can get in. Online courses, by comparison, cost a fraction compared with many popular university degrees, they take much less time and can deliver real bang for buck. Here are areas of study that can deliver a financially rewarding career.

 Business management

Business administration and management subjects are among the most popular online courses – and with good reason. They can set up students with jobs in a wide range of disciplines. From operational planning and managing budgets to personal assistant and office manager roles, students learn the fundamentals of how business operates – a valuable skill in today’s competitive job market.

Accounting and finance skills also have the potential to put you on the pathway to career success. Online professional development courses in this space can quickly give students a strong grounding in accounting systems, bookkeeping and business finance– whether it is to land a first job or to progress further up the corporate ladder.

Marketing and sales

Behind every good business idea is a great marketing and sales team. Developing comprehensive strategies to take products to people who need them will always be an in-demand skill in a global business world.

Consider professional sales SEO, or search engine optimisation, which allows companies to maximise their branding and sales power using particular keywords or phrases in a search engine. People will such skills are in high demand in the corporate world.

Online courses are an ideal way to school yourself in how to create effective marketing strategies incorporating advertising and the use of statistics and research. From traditional marketing channels to multimedia channels, a great marketing person is worth their weight in gold.

Healthy returns

In a world where the population is ageing, elderly people want to maintain active lifestyles. The healthcare sector is providing an increasing range of opportunities for rewarding careers. For example, there is a call for healthcare administrators who understand business and medical practices as they juggle everything from paperwork to personalities. This field is only going to grow.

And why not try …

A range of other careers are on the rise in an era when technology and business services are in high demand. Without question, IT has transformed the jobs market around the world and online education is a great forum to acquire skills in this field because of the focus on digital communication and computer software. There are also roles available in offices around the nation for those with advanced Excel skills, which can be acquired through online education.

Other specialist fields offer the prospect of great jobs, too. For example, courses for medical receptionists are responding to increasing personnel needs in the fast-growing healthcare sector. Elsewhere, a shortage of people with skills in procurement training – a particular need in the government sector – means graduates are well placed to gain well-paid employment. Pick up these skills, and other key skills available through the online education world, and your CV will resonate.

So consider what course can truly make your dreams come true – career-wise and financially – and sign up today!

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