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Getting back into the workforce … what you need to know

Updating your skills through online courses is a smart way to increase your chances of scoring a great job when you want re-enter the workforce.

Summoning up the courage to apply for a new job can be daunting after a long break from the workforce. Many people have understandable concerns about whether their job skills are still up to speed, and even if they want to resume their old line of work.

Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth transition back into the workforce.

Review your skills and options

The longer you have been away from work, the more you need to assess if your interests have changed. This may be the time to consider a new career path, especially if you were unhappy with previous roles before you took a break.

Determining your job desires should logically lead to a review of your current skills – and a frank assessment as to how they shape up. If you realise that you have a skills gap or that your knowledge is out of date, you could consider doing some online courses to up-skill. An incredibly wide range of online courses are available, including in areas such as information technology and social media marketing, which have become popular in recent years.

Boost your confidence

One of the common barriers to re-entering the workforce is a lack of personal confidence. Being out of the day-to-day environment of the workplace can have an impact on your social skills, and make you question your potential worth in a prospective new job. This is where online courses can also play an important role.

Signing up for a new course and learning new skills can do wonders for your confidence and increase your chances of gaining a much-cherished job that you have seen advertised. For potential employers, too, the fact that you have invested in your career demonstrates that you have initiative and commitment – and that may be just the factor which gets you hired.

Maintain your flexibility

Modern life is a juggling act of work, family, friends and (hopefully) fun. As you prepare to return to employment and up-skill, take advantage of the flexibility of online courses. You can enrol online and study at your own pace, balancing other commitments in your life.

You can plan your study time around your life and work – and submit assignments when it suits you. Free extensions are available if you need more time, and course materials are accessible online.

Choose credible course providers

Before applying for online courses, prospective students should always consider the reputation of the various schools and programs. There is an ever-growing choice of providers, but it pays to do your homework.

Ensure all courses have been developed in consultation with industry professionals, which you get the training and skills that are truly valuable to potential employers. This can make a huge difference when applying for a new role. Reputable online education providers also ensure that you have around-the-clock access to tutors, so support services are always at hand.

Keep these factors in mind and there is every chance that you will land your dream job.

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