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How to do it? The ultimate cheat sheet for online study.

online-learning-australian-online-coursesEnrolling in an online course is the first step towards advancing your skills and career, but following some smart advice will improve your chances of success.

In a fast-paced world, we want to be able to access training when we want it. Online education is a great way for self-motivated learners to ramp up their skills while maintaining a flexible lifestyle. To succeed in online study, however, it still takes hard work and discipline. Here are some pointers to help you succeed.

Choose online educators carefully

Perhaps the biggest decision you will make is the choice on online educators. So do your homework. Make sure the courses have been developed to suit the requirements of relevant industries and employers. Check that the courses deliver what you need and will make you job-ready. Ensure the school’s technology platforms can deliver course materials on time, every time. Seek assurance that tutors will be available seven days a week to help you. And, in the event that you need more time to complete courses, confirm that free extensions are available.

Get up to speed with technology

A laptop and an internet connection are pretty much all you need to get started. However, ensuring your systems are compatible with those of the online provider (and having decent software and broadband capacity) makes for a smoother experience.

Honing some elementary technology skills will also help. Make sure you can send and receive emails with attachments; create folders and subfolders on your computer or a flash drive to help organise your coursework; save and open audio and video files; and download and install various applications.

Set realistic study goals

Different online courses have different workloads, so check how much time is required to properly tackle the course and be realistic about how it fits in with your other commitments. Don’t fool yourself about how many hours a week you can study if, for example, you are working full-time and have a family.

Engage with your friendly tutors

One of the great things with AOC courses is access to seven-day tutor support. Any confusion over course content or a particular subject matter can usually be sorted out with a quick message to your tutors. Don’t be afraid to use them – they are friendly, smart and here to help.

Develop good study habits

Even though online courses give students great flexibility, time management is still important. AOC doesn’t set due dates for assessments, but staying motivated and developing a routine for study will allow you to reach your educational goals faster. It helps to work out when your energy levels are at their highest (and distractions at their lowest) so you can schedule study when you are firing.

Avoid plagiarism

Stealing other people’s work for your assignments is not on. Referencing relevant authors and using proper citation methods is a must. Your tutors can offer guidance on appropriate practices.

Acknowledge your success

Online study requires plenty of discipline. So when you get great marks on your assignments and achieve your study goals, give yourself a reward. Perhaps it could be your favourite meal, or taking some extra time off (whatever appeals to you). This will help you maintain motivation … and graduate!


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