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New Course: Certificate of Online Business Sales

Course Overview

The Certificate of Online Business Sales is an online professional development course designed to give graduates the knowledge and skills required to develop effective sales strategies for online business success. This online business sales course is ideal for new online business owners, or those online business owners who need to extend their online sales skills to take their business to the next level. Throughout the program you will learn how to develop a range of Internet marketing strategies, discover how to optimise sales for your online business through a range of targeted marketing and customer acquisition and retention strategies. You will also learn how to create value for your online customers, manage an Internet sales and marketing budget and build online credibility.

Course Topics

  • Online Business Strategies
  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Optimising Internet Sales
  • Promotions
  • Specialty Search Engines
  • Personalised Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction Performance Indicators
  • Measuring Success
  • KRAs and KPIs
  • Targets
  • Budgets
  • Sales and Marketing Budget
  • Market Share/Sales
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Production/Operating Strategies
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Customer Focus
  • Online Credibility
  • Service strategy
  • Web Presence
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Building Value
  • Diagnostic Data
  • Sharing Strategic Data
  • Consumer Behaviour


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