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What’s Your Learning Style?

Learning Styles at Work

We all learn in different ways and have our own learning styles and preferences. Understanding how you take things in and what style of learning you prefer can help make the whole learning experience easier for you. Understanding your learning style can help you develop skills to help you learn in a variety of ways and make the most of your learning potential.

Below are a list of four learning types and the best way to approach your learning:


Activists are hands on learners and tend to learn best from new experiences, problems or opportunities. However, they can be impulsive and move onto the next activity without taking time to reflect on what they have just done. Activists learn best by on the job training and practical exercises.

Reflectors like to take their time to absorb and analyse what they learn. They like to learn by watching or observing. Reflectors appreciate time to review their learning without pressure of deadlines. Best teaching aid for reflectors are shadowing, mentoring and coaching, they enjoy brain storming.

Theorists appreciate being intellectually challenged, they learn by questioning and probing the logic behind concepts. Theorists tend to be logical and rational and are often perfectionists. Theorists learn well with elearning, research and lectures.

Pragmatists positively search out new ideas and take the first opportunity to experiment with applications, they are keen on trying out ideas and techniques. Often pragmatists are impatient with open ended discussions and prefer to get on with things. Pragmatists learn best with action planning, coaching and practical exercises. They are very good at problem solving.

Understanding your learning style can help you learn more effectively and will enable you to develop strategies to improve your learning.