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Effective Email Management

With the increasing use of email for business it is sometimes difficult to keep your inbox under control. To prevent a build up of emails, try to handle each work related email as soon as you receive it.  This can be done by having multiple folders set up for separate tasks.  This enables you to sort your emails into their respective folders immediately and move on to those most urgent.  Regularly delete all spam and older emails that are no longer needed.

Periodically set aside some time to stop all unnecessary email, bulk newsgroups, product alerts etc. as these can really clog up your mailbox. Click the unsubscribe button unless these emails add value to your work performance.

Keep your personal and business email accounts separate.  By separating your personal email from your work inbox, you will keep your work and personal life separate and reduce the amount of email in your work inbox.  Bear in mind that when you use your work email for personal reasons, your company has the right to view your personal emails.

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